Monday, December 1, 2008

I am on a break!

S and I saw 'Dostana' yesterday night and it was a much-needed distraction from all the tension and sad turn of events in the Mumbai terror attacks. Those images haunt me and I keep going back to what their families must be going through. I send a silent prayer for all them to cope with their loss, its very difficult, easier said than done....but life has to go on for them. Me too. The Mumbai Siege reiterates the fact that we should live each day as it comes and enjoy every single day doing things you have always wanted to, like there is no tomorrow...literally!
I leave for Italy tomorrow night and my flight is from Mumbai-Delhi-Helsinki-Rome. I can't help but fervently hope that we return home safely. Of course, finally it is DESTINY. But I have to admit that there is a morbid fear of 'what-if', must admit! What has become of my beloved country? We will come through this, this too shall pass. I know that!

Anyway, I am hoping to have a lovely holiday and explore the lovely country Italy is! :) I hope I am missed a teeny weeny bit when I am away!!
I will be away for 2 weeks, on vacation, the much awaited trip to Italy with my S! I am back on the 18th of December. I shall be back with stories and pictures to share with you guys. See you all on the other side of my break! :) Keep smiling!!!


techpsyche said...

Have a fun-filled and memorable trip Janani.Dont worry things wont go wrong in anyways((I'll pray). even with the least possible way if it happens and you happen to read this comment before that, then my humble request to you kill one(atleast one) of those who tried causing terror. On a happy note keep away from paparazzi's while in Italy, can't see your romantic vacation exposed on the magazines ;-)


Holy Ash said...

Hey u off on that romantic trip??Woweeee...Njoy yourself thoroughly..And will look forward to all ur happy stories..And darling, yes u will be missed missed missed very much..
Waiting 2 hear from u,
Have a super journey!
Cheers all the way

Anonymous said...

have a great trip...record your weight before you go and have a blast while in italy..return and weigh yourself again..and trust me you will be amazed. !!!!


SR said...

Have lots of fun babe...

Anonymous said...

Have a blast Janani! Binge on the pasta and desserts, I hear it's the best in the world.
Love to Satya.
Love, archana

Pretty Woman said...

hey techpysche,
thank you so much for your wishes. and ya! we will try to behave ourselves!! :D

Pretty Woman said...

holy ash,

thank you so much. I am glad i will be missed :-) You take care!

Pretty Woman said...

hey lavans,

i fervently hope you mean that the weight comes down!! :)

Pretty Woman said...

hey shruths,

thank you :) I will...

Pretty Woman said...

Hey arch,

Thank you. :) We will definitely enjoy ourselves, i promise! You take care!