Monday, October 26, 2015

All things nice and beautiful!

This is a picture of our Baby Girl, having some quiet time - enjoying the view in solitude. I love this gorgeous picture - I remember it was our 10th anniversary and with a small baby in tow, we celebrated in the best way we could without too many expectations. 

It was a wonderful break and will remain forever in our memories. It was the first time we moved away from home to take a break - it was romantic, relaxing and a few days of absolute bliss, fun and lots of quality time with our Baby Girl! 

This view is so beautiful and all things nice and sweet I could ever dream of! Godspeed! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to maximize your child's wardrobe

Anyone who is a parent will know that they have absolutely no need to buy clothes for their child for a whole year as friends and family continue buying a lot of beautiful things and clothes for the little one as a token of love, affection and as a welcome gesture.

Don't we all know how quickly babies and toddlers grow? There is a significant change almost everyday. So it makes practical sense to buy clothes for your children that will last longer over the years and is worth the money as well.

Dressing little people is not all that different from us grown-ups! They do not have any body issues like us and they look good in almost anything and everything. This is just a guideline to ensure they look more "put together".

In consultation with the big people behind The Little People, here are a few tips to choose wisely for your kids: 
  • Buy clothes that can be mixed and matched with different outfits. For example, if you buy a printed t-shirt, think about the pairing too. Does your child have a skirt or pant or a pinafore under which this top can be worn multiple times? That way, the top can be worn multiple times and will be worth the buy! ( Stick to prints only on one end!)
  • Too many accessories are wasted on children. Children look most beautiful when dressed simply. They do not understand fashion or accessories at this age and will either feel very uncomfortable or simply throw away those expensive accessories anyway!  Do not empty your pockets on necklaces, big hairbands, bracelets and fancy shoes - all at once! A simple hairband or hairclip with a nicely-fitted dress can do wonders to your child's personality AND your pocket!
  • Never buy anything too fitted or too loose for your children. It is best to customize clothing that is made according to your child's measurements. If you are investing in a fancy dress or ethnics for your child for a special occasion or birthday or any special event, it is best to get them customized. When it is a tailored dress, there will also be provision inside for any adjustments or the clothing can be altered as the child grows. It will also be something unique, your child will look different from all the other market-clones that every other child is!
  • Most often, there is a significant change in a child's height as opposed to girth. So as they grow up, it is vertical rather than horizontal. You can upcycle your children's clothes say for example, dresses or frocks with an A-line cut, as it starts to become short - can be worn as a top with leggings or tights and your little girl will be super chic!
  • Mothers to little boys often complain there is not much variety to choose from, as compared to little girls! While it is true, you can certainly play around and experiment with clothing for little boys too. Quirky texts on t-shirts, pants or shirts with suspenders, interesting jackets ( in winters!) can be ultra stylish too.

Dress up your children in festive clothing like ghaghra-cholis, pavadai-chattai and kurta-dhoti or short kurta-pyjamas for boys. They will enjoy the colours, festivities as well as be strongly rooted to their regional culture and meaningful practices passed down generations.

Enjoy the festive season and plan wisely when you buy clothes for your children, that can be worn on multiple occasions and for a reasonable period of time.