Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Impulsive Me!!

I have this horrible trait, do you know what it is???? Impulsive!!!!!! I always get too worked up about anything and everything. Later, when i think about it, its not so bad, then I relax. I want to consciously remain calm , no matter what happens...

My darling S has a calming effect on me. He is always there, to calm me, relax me, explain to me, he is the epitome of patience. I have always wondered, from when I have known him, as to how he manages to remain so calm and composed. That is another trait which is absolutely non-existent in my dictionary - COMPOSURE!!!!! As years pass by, i hope to be calm and composed in life and shed all my inhibitions.

I promise to take efforts to consciously not be impulsive or make impulsive decisions!!! This is a promise, I make to myself.....looking forward to a better ME!!!! :-)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Change is the only constant in life !!!!

I have always wanted my life to go as I have planned, just like everyone else!!! :-) unfortunately, GOD has other plans for me. Some good, some bad...of late, only bad, which makes me all frustrated, disappointed, sad,angry, not even anger - rage! I am not able to think about anybody or anything else, its so emotionally upsetting.

Then, a close friend of mine, told me that whenever she is sad or upset, she thinks "would she like to trade her troubles for someone else's??" Then, she feels much better and happy to be in her position. Now i am trying that out and true to her word, I feel much better.Why are we so greedy?? We always long for something, and then once that is achieved or given, we want something more......Why is there no contentment?? Why are my needs not satiated?? Why cant I think beyond myself???

"Happiness is a state of mind". True, its all in our minds....How we want to live life, to be happy or not, is something within us..... :-) I keep saying that to myself....Its all within me!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cool Friendship !!!

At some point in life, your friends are your most important aspect of your life. But, unfortunately, i am ashamed to say this, somehow we drift apart due to various reasons like career, spouse, different places etc... But there are still a few good friends who remain the same through thick and such friend is karthik. I met him when i was working in my erstwhile office.

I met up with him yesterday. He was very sweet and spent the whole day with me along with his family. He has always been very helpful in the truest sense of the word - "friend". I could also different facets of him, as a husband and as a father. I could always remember him as a young man with a boyish charm, ever smiling and full of energy. Always caring , loving and helpful to his friends...So these new roles that he has acquired over time, seemed very new to me. He simply dotes on his daughter and has become very responsible...:-)

Kudos to you karthik, for taking so much trouble to treat me like a queen, I really felt like one for the "royal" treatment !!!! :-) I wish you loads of love, happiness and success in the years to come...

Friday, March 17, 2006

I Wanna Dance!!!

I have this sudden urge to dance, last night i was listening to some good beats on my MP3, and the first thought that goes through my mind is to dance! There is this inexplicable urge to suddenly learn dance and just go on like I care a damn about anything or anybody in this world. I have always wanted to learn dance, from my childhood days. But I always feel shy, what will people think about me?, and other dumb thoughts that i always shy away. Not that i have been to different parties or anything, even when i got a chance, i have'nt danced. I am thinking of going for some nice dancing lessons, will enjoy it and good exercise they say "ore kallula rendu mangai! "...I must shed all my inhibitions and start doing things i enjoy. After all, life is short, enjoy it to the fullest....that's my new motto now! :-)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dedicated to Love!

Today's post is dedicated to the ever popular emotion, that keeps this world going round and round.....LOVE!!! :-) I am sure all of us at some point, have had a crush, infatuations, fallen in love, fallen out of love.....but it has been an interesting journey! Well, atleast for me, that special look, smile....aah! No wonder there are so many budding poets inspired by love. Everything is definitely beautiful when you are in love!!!! And you must feel love, to understand the meaning of it.

I am a hard core romantic and noone can change that about me. I romanticize everything in my life, which makes it more interesting. I guard my personal experiences and emotions too much to express it in my blog !! So it will remain a secret till I die....