Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My first job ( Part II)

...continued from here...

Due to the high fever, I could not go for the interview as scheduled earlier. I could not call and inform either, as I didn't have their contact numbers, except for the address. After 2 days or so, the HR guy I met in the event, calls me up to ask why I didn't come for the interview!! When i told him that i was not keeping well, he set up another interview on a different date and made polite enquiries about my health. My Dad was even more suspicious about the job offer coz who calls up and asks why you couldn't come for the interview? He found it really wierd and over the top!

Anyway, somehow, I finally did go for the interview and met my future boss ( who is the best manager I have had, till date!) . As usual, I spoke nineteen to the dozen and fearlessly answered every question unabashedly ( He would often comment how outspoken and fearless i was!). He asks me 'what is the least salary I would join at?'. Without a moment to think, I answer some ridiculously low amount as I simply had no clue. What I quoted was so ridiculous, that he increased my salary himself and I was appointed with immediete effect.

After I joined the company, it was their appraisal time and everybody got hikes! I also got a hike coz my boss's boss felt that the little kid ( me!) would feel left out and they thought I was a promising employee!! Thus, started my career with a bang, loads of fun and frolic, lots of outings, made good friends and I felt like I was on a picnic...the most fun workplace i have ever been...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A piece of art from Rome, in our Home!

A painting of the Palatino Hill by a local artist, framed! You like?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Recycling differently...

1. Take an empty bottle ( In this case, S's empty Brut Aftershave)
2. Remove all the stickers on it so that the bottle can be clean.
3. Get some magic beans ( colored mustard-like seeds that you get for 10 bucks anywhere on the road).
4. Empty the 'magic beans' into the bottle and pour some water.
5. In some times, the 'magic beans' sprout into big jelly-like beans and make the bottle colorful.
6. Viola! You have an interesting bottle on display.
7. I added a satin ribbon to it for some frills! :-)

You Like?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first job (Part I)

....reminds me of a fun time and great memories! The Year? 2000. Yes, I started working immedietely after graduation. It just started as a whim, I used to go for aerobics classes and another girl who used to come there, asked me if I would be interested in Event Management? With a few friends, I begged my Dad to let me go! It was for a freelance event manager and she paid a hefty sum for just 4 days of wearing a saree, few smiles and to learn the bare minimum of the product. So i represented this Generator company while trying to hold on to my saree!! THAT was my unofficial first job! :-)

Then, my official permanent job came calling, right there and how! A private software training division of a group of companies had another stall there. My future best friend paid me a visit at the stall acting as a prospective customer! ( My future manager had sent her, as he was 'impressed' by my personality and wanted her to check out my communication skills!) Obviously, I had no clue and I sincerely explained about the product to her. Later, in the evening, at the end of the event, she came along with their HR executive and they wanted me to come for a personal interview for the position of ' Counselor'. I was pretty excited about it, all the more coz i didn't even have to apply for a job!

My Dad burst my bubble by saying he won't send me for any interview for a job where someone chose to pick me by just 'looking' at me. Yes, my parents are very protective about me. I go everywhere with 'escorts'. My brother finally convinced him to let me go citing reasons that I need exposure...

On the day of the interview, I was running high fever...and my parents asked me to stay put at home, interview can go to hell !!! be continued...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We were there!

A beautiful view of the valleys, again in Goa! I bet you want to sit on the armchair and relax, eh?

My Ganchu!

I took this picture in a Nature Resort that we stayed in Goa. A Cute Ganesha ( Hindu God) has been carved on a log of wood and was placed in our cottage. I simply loved it...if i could have 'borrowed' it, I would have...difficult coz its too big! So i had to console myself with the picture! :D

P.S - I am just kidding about the 'borrowing' part, of course i would'nt!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Listening to Music is theraupatic as I have mentioned before several times. It makes me dream of a better and happy surroundings, a perfect world with no sadness...all things bright and beautiful... Thanks to my walkman phone, gifted to me by S, I can listen to music anytime...and it transports me to a different world, my own world where I feel upbeat and happy..'Masakalli..Matakalli' gives me that feeling right now ( You can downloads songs from in MP3 format)! Another tamil song 'Taxi Taxi' makes my foot tap and want to dance! People will wonder what's wrong with me if I do that in the middle of the office! :) Anyway, everyone knows I am listening to music if I am quiet for a long time at work, coz that is the only thing that can shut me up!

I can't wait to see 'Dilli 6' movie, promises to be interesting... and A.R.Rahman's music is amazing, everyone knows that! I hope i can watch the movie before we have to move...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Paris, here we come!

We are both moving to Paris, France for a couple of years.

The Good...
Wonderful opportunity for my darling S and his career growth, which he rightfully deserves.
A new country, new people and hopefully some new friends!
We can both travel around the world, which is what we (y)earn for!
New experiences, new people and fresh beginnings.
A refreshing break from the monotony of a comfortable home, city that has grown on us and that we love and my job stint! ( which is the usual trend!)
I can take my parents on a Europe trip! ( Amma would enjoy it the most!)
I will learn a new language - French! I doubt it, if i can get away without it.

The Bad...
I have to quit my job that I really like. ( Its not too bad, who knows I might find something better or I can always freelance).
Miss my parents for sure, can't rush to them whenever i want! ( Of course, its a different thing that even when I am here, I can't make an impromptu trip for various reasons)
Miss my friends. ( Online interactions / phone conversations are not the same as personal interactions!)
I will terribly miss interacting and meeting people, fun and gossip at work, for sure!

The ugly...
We have to leave our cozy home that we have built with loads of love and dreams, that is the MOST heart-wrenching for me...
I will feel lonely. On the flip side, lots of people have promised to visit me.
I will miss all the festivities here in India, especially Diwali, Janmashtami and Ganesh Chathurthi, which I love. ( Ya, I can celebrate it there, but its not the same! Maybe, I can come home at that time)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I dream of...

having my own business..being my own boss...doing what I enjoy the most? What would that be? I don't have to think really hard. I would like to have my own interior designs venture. Even if i say so myself, I am pretty good at it though I don't have a formal education in Interiors! I am sure I can learn the technical aspects as well, if required, meaning I can acquire a degree...I would love to have a boutique too, except i would never sell any clothes! I am sure I would want all of them for greedy! :D

I recently went for a workshop and learnt that reading and revisiting your dreams helps you move towards realizing it. So this is my first baby step, writing (typing) it down on this blog. I am a strong believer of following your dreams, doing what you are passionate about...rather than sticking to conventional done-to-death career options. Reason why I took up writing as a career option despite having a finance qualification. It worked. Of course, I could do that coz I had someone to support me. What about people who need to work for financial necessities? I guess they don't have a choice! Anyway, I really enjoy what I do and am doing reasonably well. Another area that I am obsessed about is home decor and interiors. To start with, I am thinking of posting picture on this own little ideas that will enhance our homes or good housekeeping ideas. ( I already do it a little bit...)
I subscribe to 'Good Housekeeping' and something I see there or read sparks off new ideas. Mind you, nothing in my house is too expensive. I look for the right deals and things that will match my decor and my aesthetics suitably. Good Living is not about having expensive things or decor, it is about having a pleasant haven you come back to everyday, something that makes you feel comfortable, happy and upbeat.
The best part of my life, I would have to say, would be to have a leisurely breakfast, having a light conversation with S, sitting on the swing along with S eating corn or to just sit along with him listening to the water flowing from the fountain...I am totally at peace!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The colors change with the season...

P.S - I am a big cushion-maniac! I welcome cushion covers with open hands! :P

Glass-loot from Murano, Venice!

Our very own Gondola!

Facades - Murano, Venice!

You can see masks, masks and masks everywhere in Venice! I had no choice but to buy it! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It is certainly worth the effort!

I AM one of those people who likes to dress well to make myself feel good and all that blah! But I also like it when someone notices it or compliments it, be it a new hairstyle, clothes or anything...especially when S does!

I have to say that I am a lucky wife ( I know I am blessed in lots of ways too!) that way coz S ALWAYS notices anything new I wear...( No, I don't force him to...he is naturally observant!).

Infact, he has a great sense of color and fashion and gives the right suggestions when we shop or when we are getting ready to go out. He always compliments me if I wear something new and looks good on me. I am secretly thrilled when he does though outwardly I appear nonchalant! :D

When I get lots of compliments at work from everyone, I can't wait to get home and tell him like a kid from school who returns home to tell everything that happened excitedly to her/his Mom!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Motto of the Year is...

A friend told me that he follows this philosophy deeply. I would like to follow the same throughout the year....when I heard it, I simply loved it...On a positive note I begin this year...
I am going to be... "Positively Aggressive at being Aggressively Positive".

You could try as well, I hear it works wonders! :-)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year!

I wish for everyone!

Peace. Prosperity. Love. Happiness. Success. New Beginnings. New Dreams...

Wish you a very happy happy happy new year.