Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My evolving sartorial choices!

...when I am bored, I go through my archives and often ruminate over how I have changed/developed/evolved or insert any term that screams self-evaluation and I am going down memory lane! 

I have realized time and again that I am a mellowed down version of my former younger self. Recently, I was reading an old e-mail I had sent to S, when he was my fiance and I sounded so silly and full of words and emotions. I could not relate to that person anymore. I am essentially the same person but I may not express myself so freely or say it all out loud. I am more careful with my words; have replaced them with a smile. I guess that makes me a very cheerful person!!

I also look very different now (..I think i feel different). My style has evolved considerably. I have accepted my body type and feel good about some of my better physical attributes. I have made peace with my thunder-thighs! I have decided to embrace my well proportioned figure and good height and dress according to my personality! It may not necessarily be in-trend or what's in vogue! But hey, I dress myself in an elegant manner and i feel confident about myself. That's what matters. To me. It is such a happy space to be in. 

Of course, I want to be healthy, fit and have all the stamina to make the most of life. It's just that now I am not clamoring to be thin - if that makes sense. So I have embraced skirts - pleated, A-line, tailored - you name and it and I wear it with aplomb. Skirts that enhance a smaller waist and curves. Most importantly, you can't see my thighs! Yay! 

On a more serious note, I am learning to appreciate my positive physical attributes as well as ACCEPT that there are certain aspects that may not be very flattering about me and it's absolutely fine. Accept it and move on. There are much more important things in life to focus on and it's not such a big deal once you realize it does not matter anymore. Once you make up your mind and heart - it's not such a big deal. But this epiphany does not occur overnight. It is definitely a slow process with hurdles of extremely hurt feelings, disappointments, low self esteem etc. 

Anyway, moving on...I have also developed a keen interest in sarees. I always knew I looked good in sarees as I am quite tall but always shied away from them. I was never good with the drape and feeling as comfortable and elegant as wearing them! I have slowly embraced the gorgeous fabric, understand what material suits my body type. Now, I look forward to occasions to wear a saree. There is never a dearth for lovely sarees in a south indian household. All else failing, there is always Amma to borrow or better steal from! 

I am wearing a knit sweater top and a crop top respectively - adds a quirky and interesting twist to the saree and more importantly, you save the time and effort of looking for fabrics and a good tailor to stitch a blouse! You could pair the crop top with a skirt as well or even pair it with a smart blazer/pants/jeans.

To the utter dismay of the husband, I am always looking for interesting crop tops to pair with sarees or contrast prints and colours that will go with traditional weaves to wear - probably when my cousins, nieces, nephews or close friend's kids get married in future! what? everyone gets married at some least you would hope for it!