Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Conversations with Baby Girl!

I have these really interesting or really funny conversations with Baby Girl and I want to put them down here, so I can come back here to smile later! 

Baby Girl: Amma, when I grow up and be a big girl, I will have a husband too!
Amma: um hmmmm...
Baby Girl: ...and then he can play with me all day, right?
Amma: ya...sure
Baby Girl:  then, my husband and your husband can be friends and you and I can be friends too.
Amma (amused): who is my husband?
Baby Girl: appa! 
Amma: (trying not to smile!)...of course, we will be friends with your husband. In fact, we will love him too.
Baby Girl: yes, I will not fight with him at all , you know?
Amma (stunned): !!!!!!!!


Baby Girl: Amma, why are you doing your face like that?
Amma: My stomach is paining baby ( it's that time of the month and I feel like just lying down all day)
Baby Girl: why, Amma? you ate too much? 
Amma: ummm hmmmmm
Baby Girl: Oh Amma....don't be sad...Ummachi ( God)...make my Amma better soon ummachi....please ok?
Amma: all smiles despite the pain..
Baby Girl: wait Amma...I will get you manundhu ( medicine)....
runs off quickly and gives me one of her vitamins...
Amma promptly pops it into her mouth...or else she will sit on me and make it swallow!
Baby Girl: Amma, lie down in my manini( lap)...
Amma lies down....
Baby Girl smoothens my hair and face...
Amma is in heaven now, pain is all forgotten. Amma lives for these moments with the Baby Girl!