Thursday, May 24, 2007

I was sitting in the balcony reading a book, and generally looking at the kids playing down in the playarea. I stay in a big complex with lots of free space, parks and children's play area...

The kids of the labourers who work in the new construction block were playing in the swing and having good fun in the of the kids was in tattered and dowdy clothes...she herself would be about 9 yrs...and she was taking care of a little toddler...the little baby was left on the grass, god knows....what insects were around...I thought....if it was a baby from our families, s/he would be pampered and cared for, with what not...diapers, clean clothes, wet wipes, baby cream, baby lotion, moisturiser...this and that! While, this baby was just left there while her sisters played in abandon...while their mother was away pruning the flowers and removing the weeds from the gardens...I felt sad at how unfair it was!

To add to it, the security was chasing away those kids from the play area and I thought to myself, how unfair this world is! Does the fact that those children were born to labourers deny those kids the simple pleasure of being kids? And just then, I realised those kids WERE having fun.... they kept playing 'running and catching' with the security guard and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.....I smiled! :) Indeed, those kids were in old and torn clothes.... but their smiles were genuine and despite what i thought they were having fun!! I felt good...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Raining happiness...

The monsoon has started in Pune, and today the first rains started....Is there anyone who doesnt like rain?? Oh! the minute I smell rain (mann-vaasanai), it makes me so cheerful and happy, a kind of serenity, i cant explain enough how awesome I feel...I definitely love to or dream of enjoying the rain maybe with a loved one, cozy in the comforts of their home, with a good book, masala chai, add some bajji or pakoda to it!....ahh! heavenly!!! :)

During schooldays, I would get up all upset that its a monday morning, which means go to school...and it would rain....yippeeee.....bunk school!!!!! Inexplicable joy!! :D Then, when I grew up, I was not too happy about staying home and confined indoors on account of rain....when I was committed, I longed to spend time with S in the rain....even now, all I can think of , is to go home and sit together in our balcony, sip tea and chat! ( we could do that everyday or already do it everday, but the magic of rain brings such silly yet simple wants...romance!!)

Right now, am happy that I can listen to some good music ( am listening to Meenal Jain, mesmerising!!), blogging while am supposed to do some research and content! :D Tomorrow morning, I can wake up to rain and S will be there with me, enjoying it with me!! :) GOD BLESS....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Power of positive thinking!!

I read an interesting article about 'Positive thinking and Optimism' on TOI - sunday issue. I was mighty impressed with what miracles occur when you have happy thoughts and surround yourself with positive people. I was further convinced, when I heard Ritu give an account of her pregnancy. Apparently, when she was pregnant with her first baby, the baby was positioned in a reverse position, with legs going down, that leads to a 'breach baby' and can end up being a ceasarean.

She used to practice yoga regularly throughout her pregnancy and was clearly disappointed to hear that . So she told her guru that the doctor said that it could be complicated. Her guru asked her to continue with her yoga( doing sarvangasana) for another 15 days and guaranteed a normal delivery. Lo and behold! the baby changed its position and she had a normal delivery!!!! Wow!! I was amazed to hear that....its wonderful that she believed in her guru and did not deter or get disappointed.

I have decided to consciously think of happy events, surround myself with positive people and who knows, I might develop a halo! :D

Monday, May 14, 2007

Its a thin line...

Despite our claims to remain united and pluming patriotism, there is most definitely a clear divide between North-South India! There....I have said it!!

I am sick and tired of rude comments, ridicule in the name of humour and disgusted with a certain section of people who belong to both regions, that I have come across in life so far....I hate this crap! I am very proud of being a Tamilian, and yes, I am an iyer who speaks tamil with a typical dialect common to Bramhins..that's the way I speak...take it or leave it!!

When I moved to Bangalore and now in Pune, I hear some extremely tactless comments, mostly and sadly only from North Indians....
" My god! Are you a tamilian? You are not dark?"
"You are from madras, but you are so well-dressed(??) and modern??"
" You dont look like a tamilian at all, you look like a punjabi or gujju or nothing remotely south indian??"

What makes you think, all tamilians are dark...and if at all, some of them are dark, its coz we all scorch in the sun and the weather is extremely hot and all our skins are tanned. Just coz, I am not rude and for one, have consideration for other's feelings, unlike you...doesnt mean you can get away with anything ( No, I am not overreacting, I have got this too many times....I am not amused!) Do I ask you how do you look so ugly?? ( what the hell...)

As for being well-dressed, in which world are you? Have you been to chennai recently? There are a huge number of well-dressed people and as modern as it can get! Anyways, every individual dresses according to his/her comfort, personality and convenience. It has nothing to do with where you live!!! Yes, to a large extent, our surroundings and upbringing do determine the way we dress up. And by the way, " Modern" dressing does'nt necessarily mean well-dressed.

Yes, where we come from and the surroundings we grow up in does determine our attitudes, personality and knowledge. In today's day and age, with no boundaries in terms of geography, the advent of internet and numerous sources of information, everybody in every nook and corner of India is well versed with the worldy affairs as well as the latest fashions...Inspite of YOUR ignorance, people down south have a nice blend between modern as well as traditional attire...and we are proud of it. We strike a balance!!

NO! This is not a post about how great south Indians are...This is to vent my anger and frustration against Indians ( Yes, Indians) who think they can get away with whatever they say, in the name of humour!!! The best example is LOLA KUTTY on MTV, or heroines in madisaar ( 9-yard saree worn by bramhins) and the sad jokes on malayali accent and any kind of ridicule on certain sections of the country. Down south, the movies portray gujaratis as fat women cooking and eating all the time or sidey-looking money lenders which is equally unacceptable and in bad taste.

Repeat jokes or comments ridiculing people can be taken easily the first time, after a point, it gets to the point of being hurtful, immature and downright silly. GROW UP!!!!

P.S - I have nothing against north indians...this is a personal account of my experiences and anguish...being a south indian, I know one side of the offence meant!! )

Friday, May 11, 2007

S got the major leap......YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.....I am sooooooooooooooo happy for him!!!! Can't stop grinning....

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Emotional Makeover!

From being someone very impulsive and unrestrained, I have become someone who is very cautious and if you know me personally quite well, you would know that's a huge transformation. I am someone who does not refrain from expressing my emotions, excitement or opinions. Most of the times, it has not helped me. Its a cultivated habit, and I really have to try hard to control myself. But I DO IT.

S is going get a major leap in his career ( hopefully, my fingers are crossed!!)....and I am always the one more excited....whether its HIS birthday, HIS new job, HIS promotion, HIS awards and accolades or anything related to him. I am also the one who gets more worried about any problem he faces...I am always accused by my loved ones of worrying about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING...and I would always say, that's the way I am!! But who am I fooling? If it affects me, I should do something about it, even if it requires a lot of some point, you have to draw the line...

I would worry all day if a friend didnt act normal with me or would not talk to me...I think I still do...but consciously I am trying to ignore it. I try not to let it bother me. That way, I am the sense, that I can be really happy with lots of people around or I can also be happy by myself...I know its wierd...but I really can....I need to apply my mind to it and attune myself to being optimistic...anything is possible. Of course, all of us have our happy sunny days and there are days when you feel low, not for any particular reason...

I am like a pendulum, I fluctuate between being happy and sad within few hours...I ALWAYS smile....but only a few close ones can really see beyond that...I get bored easily as well, am a very restless person, my attention-span is really low! All this is changing....definitely for the better!!!

I have finally understood how much it helps not to open your mouth where it is not required and do the one thing I do best....SMILE!!! :)