Sunday, December 20, 2015

Weddings Ahoy!

When you get married or plan to get married, you choose your sarees and jewellery very carefully - of course, initially to look splendid on your wedding. Mostly, you hope to use them multiple times at other weddings of relatives and close friends.

...and then, there are people like me who move away from home which means you live far away when such weddings occur or even move really far away, abroad! So all my sarees are literally new as they have never been worn! So when a wedding occurs and you can actually go for the wedding, your excitement doubles at the prospect of airing out those beautiful sarees you bought a decade ago! 

For a change, I had too many options and was perplexed about what to pick! Finally, I decided to wear this lovely saree in burgundy with traditional motifs all over and madras checks with a twist! I wore this for my wedding reception 12 years back! 

I have developed a sudden spurt of interest in sarees and have been exploring different options apart from traditional kanchivarams ( of which I have plenty thanks to my wedding!). So when I came across this gorgeous pastel shade of handloom silk saree on an online sale, I simply grabbed it! 

I am obsessed with online shopping for three main reasons: lots of great deals, convenience and I am lucky that I almost always get it right! ( thanks to Baby Girl, I can't really go out physically and shop too often!)

It was a family wedding of a close the "three musketeers" planned over a month, shopping for sarees, accessories, jewellery and it was a helluva lot of fun. I chose to wear my already existing abundance of sarees, rarely worn!
ROI on sarees - CHECK! 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Diwali in 2015!

So this is our third Diwali after we moved back to India. When we lived in Paris, I would always long to be back home in India, especially during Diwali - I would feel homesick 
considering it would be a regular working day there . To be fair, as time went by, we began to celebrate it in our little way - thanks to Catrin!

Cut to present, it is definitely exciting and something I look forward to but I also feel like there is a barrage of festivals to celebrate! S is often travelling and it is often just Baby Girl and I...but I muster some enthusiasm and do whatever I can so that she learns some basics about her roots and has some good memories of the festivals when she grows up.

For the decor, I was very excited about these flowery string lights i managed to find, which will later adorn my vanity/dressing table which is a vintage kind of chest of drawers.( more about that on another post!) was a great find! 

For the new clothes this year, I decided to go with a saree. I am in love with tussar silk, so went ahead and got a plain one in a fresh cucumber green...and did my own tweak to it by buying a broad contrasting border and attaching it. Everyone loved it, so did I.

(For those who are interested, the saree is a tussar silk saree from

For Baby Girl, I reserved a gift from my dear friend for Diwali. She asked me to choose anything for her from our collection from The Little People. I chose the very first design we came up with, when we began! 

This year has been tough for us in many I hope and pray for good times ahead. May the darkness fade away and all our lives be illuminated with the brilliant light of goodness, good health,happiness and prosperity.