Thursday, May 26, 2011

Innovative hands...literally! a result of reading too many fashion magazines...LOL! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Novel Concept - The Glossybox!

I happened to read on another blog about the Glossybox concept and I went here to find out what its all about! I think its a fantastic idea and I just can't get over how cool it is!

Briefly ( if you are lazy to go check the link!), its a free mail order service, where they send you 5 luxury high-end cosmetics and beauty products in a miniature size to test and check if it works for you. You have to pay a 10£ subscription every month and can even unsubscribe if you are not interested after some time or for a particular month.

Honestly, I think its a fantastic deal coz I saw some videos on youtube and the sizes were not miniature at all. I don't know about others, but I sure think it works for me...hell, you could win me over with the packaging alone! :) Even someone gives me gifts, I am more interested in the wrapping than the gift itself! I know, how child-like am I?

The glossybox concept is being introduced in Europe ( launched in UK already)...and coming to France ( yaaayyyyy!!! I can't wait!)...its a similar version of the Birchbox in the U.S. ( read about it here).

It feels great that the customers are valued and their opinions matter. It also makes sense to try something out before you actually buy the full-size product, especially when it is something expensive. How many of us really use an entire product?

We all know, MAC cosmetics are comparatively pricey as compared to its contemporaries. However, I save up to buy their stuff coz they are just fantastic, quality make up and last for a long time. It is indeed, a good investment in the long run! I can't wait for the glossybox to be launched in France now! Others living in U.K, go on and try it out!

Here is a lovely little video explaining the scheme :)