Monday, October 3, 2016

Three Months In...( Hong Kong)

You can read my first impressions of Hong Kong here

So its almost exactly three months since we moved here but I honestly feel like we have lived here that good or bad? I have no clue...we feel pretty settled more or less. After setting up our home and generally settling down with work, school etc. we have moved on to being tourists in Hong kong. We are exploring all the popular spots and Hong Kong has a lot to offer and its really a pleasant surprise.

This is from picturesque Stanley Pier, in quaint beach town of Stanley, just a bus ride away from where we live. As soon as we arrived, it gave a boho-chic European kind of vibe. You get a bit of everything - nature, quaint local market, street food and the mall - a quintessential part of Hong Kong! 

The street filled with restaurants, small knick knacks, little gifts, local goods as well...

They also have a "lover's terrace" akin to the love lock bridges in Paris! I personally felt even this display exhibits discipline and order of sorts which is so typical of Hong Kong. 

On another weekend, just by chance, we managed to take a bus to the Peak! The view is just stunning and i felt like we were somewhere else. The ambience, the people, the gorgeous gorgeous view of the city is simply stunning. It literally takes your breath away, I almost imagined as if God looking down at earth!!! :P

I was initially very intrigued about how fitness-conscious people are...people of all ages exercise regularly and are very active. It has now become something that motivates me to be very active and workout as well. How can you not join the locals when they are in such amazing form, glowing skin, healthy hair...part of it can be put down to their genetics but they also work towards maintaining it. Kudos to them! 

I see an elderly gentleman slogging away on the cross trainer, dripping and soaked in sweat in the gym. He never misses a day, relentless and very very dedicated to his workout. He is my inspiration. What I love, is how considerate he is, to the next person using the cross trainer. He will religiously clean it with a tissue and anti-bacterial even when there are support staff doing the same. Truly a gentleman!

I am not sure whether I am getting fitter with workouts but my skin is definitely getting better and looks healthy! Yay!

We are slowly trying to move outside the comforts of our home and family to socializing with others and taking baby steps. But I am happy with the progress - it is always nice to meet new, good genuine people who eventually become a part of your life and us in theirs! Touchwood.