Monday, August 22, 2016

My 4 year-old Fireball

Baby Girl will be 4 soon! Boy! I can't begin to describe the year it has been...if there is something called "terrible two's", she could have possibly coined the term "threats only work three's"...coz nothing else did!

..." please eat, baby's getting late, please eat, my darling!....NO!
if you don't eat now...I will switch off the TV for the rest of the day...or tab or can insert whatever she enjoys there....THEN she eats! 

..." baby girl, put on your will feel cold...develop a fever....while she is running and dancing around the house butt-naked! - NO!
if you don't come right now, I will give your toys away to a good girl! - YES, then she comes..."

..."baby girl, it's getting late...let's go home now. I have to go make dinner! ....NO!
...if you don't come right now, I am going home can stay here!!...NO!
she behaves like she just can't hear me or will ask for 6 minutes for the nth time!
...if you really don't come now...I will leave you behind while we take the car and go out somewhere....YES!

so you get the drift. You can beg, scold, request, cajole, plead, ask nice...nope! nothing works. Threats are the last resort and that's the only thing that works...that too so far!
She is increasingly adamant and incorrigible. I always say she is not a handful, she is what you call a "bodyful" if such a word exists.

Now that's out of the way, I am so proud about how amazing she can be as 

She has a very sweet side as well. If I am unwell, she will ask me very often..." are you feeling better now?" or she will ask " Ummachi? ( God?) Please make my Amma better...she is a good girl, she takes good care of me!!!!!" 

Extremely intelligent and observant, she will give you directions if you lose your way somewhere and if she has been there before ( even once!). Recently, I got lost trying to find a shop as we were in new in HK ( and i am very bad with topography!)...but she knew exactly where we needed to go! I was amazed and pleasantly surprised! 

She has a wild imagination and can relate and combine different story lines and put it together coherently. She likes to dress up, preen in front of the mirror and has a wacky side, can entertain you endlessly just like her mother. :P ( S tells me that she is sooo much like me, only about a 100 times!)

She has started playing with dolls now and loves babies. She is very inquisitive about babies only as long as Amma does not pick them up or cuddle them! :) However, she is not a girly girl either. She loves cars, guns, buses and is always playing with them....."vroom...vroom". A bundle of surprises, this gorgeous little one! 

She has totally changed me as a person. Of course, I am a mother now to this really interesting little person but more than that I am a totally different person now. My life is upside down absolutely centered towards Baby Girl, a more patient ( Its the hardest part!) person and moving towards being a better person! In that sense, we are both growing up together.

I still can't believe you are a 4 year-old soon, my darling baby! I love you with all my heart and being. Stay happy, kind, healthy and loving , also be wacky, fun, crazy and the absolute feisty fireball you are! God bless you , always be his favorite child.

P.S - This also happens to be my 400th post! Yay!