Monday, November 24, 2008

Horror Stories!

I am very scared of watching of ghost movies, not the gory ones where the characters wear make up or masks. The movies that have the most unpredictable things happening especially the background music. On Friday night, S and I were watching ‘1920’ and halfway through the movie, S wanted to go read a book in the bed. I pleaded with him to sit with me and watch! (Now, I am very scared but I want to see the entire movie too. Yup, I am weird!).

Then we got into this conversation about whether ghosts exist and stuff like that. S said he didn't believe in it. I said I do believe there are spirits, how else can you explain this feeling that someone touched you or you get up in the middle of the night when you are sure you heard something?

I remember when I was a kid, I went to Delhi for a vacation and my cousin narrated a ghost story so well that I didn’t sleep for many days. I also watched ‘The Alien’ along with my brother in my neighbour’s place and came back home with horrified images in my mind. For atleast a week, I would get up in the middle of the night and cry that my stomach is swollen and an alien is going to burst open! My poor Mom had to go to work the next day and she too had sleepless nights, thanks to yours truly! She would scold me that if you are so scared, why do you watch all this crap??!!!

I am incorrigible that way. I still watch them even now fully knowing i'll have sleepless nights. Especially if S is away and I am home alone, I can’t wait for the day to dawn! I will count from 1 – 3, and run to the bedroom from the lounge. If I am thirsty and I would feel like drinking water, I won’t go to the kitchen for water. I will simply sleep thirsty!!

I don't know why I do that but I recollect the scary images from the movie, and then utter shlokas to calm myself or to sleep. :D I have to watch ‘normal stuff’ before I go to sleep.

Wish me luck coz S is gonna be away travelling and I really hope there is no horror movie on T.V! Anyone has similar stories to share? :)


Holy Ash said...

B is abt to fly 2 China and i was jst thnking hw my nights will pass?..I suffer all that u have just listed..Lord!!
1 solution out of xperience..take a full water bottle 2 bed so u dnt have 2 visit the kitchen...:)

techpsyche said...

easiest way to get rid of fear, watch more and more horrow movies and I bet you would fore go your fears within 4-5movies, you gotto watch them back to back. Yes its a scientific phenomena that your throat gets dried out due to anxiety hence keep atleast half a dozen of water bottles next to you when you watch these movies. dont miss to watch peyi(tamil) as a part of these movies. I would rate that as one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of them including ring exorcist, etc but nothing has matched the peyi yet.. So have fun Janani..

Pretty Woman said...

holy ash!
that's a good idea...wonder why i didnt think of such a simple solution.

Pretty Woman said...


thanks! but no thanks!! are you someone I know personally? i mean, apart from the blog??

techpsyche said...

No Janani, I am absolutely stranger to you in real life.