Sunday, December 28, 2008

The year that was...2008!

was pretty good...God has always been kind to me...after all, when you go through the lows, you appreciate the highs much more, don't you?

New lovely OWN home. Check.
Good job I love going to, everyday. Check. ( Actually on most days)
Most days, happy and cheerful. Check.
Awesome Holiday to Italy. Check.
Found some amazing friends for keeps. Check.
Peace and Contentment. Check.

I am looking forward to a wonderful new year ahead, with lots of happiness, good memories, fun and loads of love! I hope and pray some of our dreams bear fruit this year! :-)

In 2009, I would love to see myself and everyone around me fitter and healthier!
In 2009, I take a resolution to be more practical and street smart!
In 2009, I take a resoultion to let go of my past and omit the bad memories!
In 2009, I promise to take each day as it comes and enjoy every single moment I have!
In 2009, I promise to share my love and happiness with everyone and try to bring joy to everyone!
In 2009, I promise to be thankful for what I have, which is in abundance compared to many other less fortunate people!

Thank you God, for loving your child, I love you too :-)
Thank you God, for S, for my parents and brother and for all the lovely people in my life.


techpsyche said...

Wishing you a Advance Happy New Year and May all your dreams come true.

Pretty Woman said...

hey techpysche,
Thanks a ton! Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year too, filled with loads of love, happiness and that order! :D