Thursday, August 22, 2019

You are 7, going on 17!

Dear Baby Girl,

...this is what i feel every year but it needs to be said out are growing up way too fast! PERIOD. you are 7 years old, 7 YEARS OLD! When i buy clothes online, i have to look at the "older girls" category for you now - you, an older girl?? I am in denial...

...actually, sometimes i do feel like that already....especially with all the sass, attitude and instant retorts to everything i say. Where in the world did you learn to reply like that? Appa and I are often perplexed with all the defiance and attitude....however( thankfully!) when i am angry or cross with you, you come over with a glass of water, make me lie down and massage my legs! ...and very calmly speak to me "Amma, i think you are very tired...take some rest". 

I love it when sometimes, you always save a treat or something special for Appa and gingerly offer it to him when he is back from work. sigh, my little baby is all grown up. 

There are times when i am overwhelmed and worried about something or my folks ( i am human and of course, i have my moments), and she comes over and gives me a big hug and reassures me. These are lovely moments that make me feel very blessed and happy that you are so loving and kind. 

I fervently hope and pray this remains and extends to everyone around you. you are a beautiful little girl, inside and out - stay that way, my baby girl.

A huge deal for us, we went on a solo trip to Korea, just you and i, without Appa with T chithi and Vaishnavi. You were really well-behaved (mostly!), we had a lot of fun and it was our first trip to a place even Appa has not been to! Score!! I am sure we will do a lot of fun trips together soon...

you got your first "star of the week" at school and you nonchalantly handed it to me as you got down from the bus, on your way back home from school.

i was pleasantly surprised to see you get this and a little bit shocked! naughty girl so well-behaved at school? this is the beginning of many more such wins, my darling! :0)

You are the perfect example of "where there's a will, there's a way" and boy, are you strong-willed? Appa and I were simply amazed how you mastered skating absolutely on your own! You are such a pro, all thanks to your constant practicing at home, starting from brushing your teeth in skates to virtually until you sleep in skates! you relentlessly pursue something until you are really good at it, its an amazing quality and something you should develop as you grow and apply it to all positive things in life. You have also begun to cycle independently this year with no training wheels.

The "tooth fairy" visited you so many times this year and you lost at least 6 teeth all around the same time. Gopal thatha makes fun of you that your mouth is like a "postbox" now, a big hole right in front.

As a family, we are very lucky and blessed to be able to travel often and we should really count our blessings. We chilled out in Bali last summer and you literally lived on the beach and pools, a very relaxing holiday, another destination ticked off our bucket list.

We had a epic holiday in December to New Zealand. Appa and I have always wanted to go there as we fell in love with the place after watching "The Lord of the Rings"...and it was all that we ever thought it would be....we were thrilled to see you appreciate the natural beauty, your love for animals, fearless, adventurous spirit we traveled. you related the incident about how you visited a real farm and fed baby goats with a bottle to almost everyone we met! ;-)

We had a mini-break and went to Macau and managed to go to India ( spent some quality time with both sets of grandparents, meet some of our friends, etc.) twice this year! You are such a lucky girl who has traveled to so many countries already! Well, we both would love for you to be able to travel the world, enrich your mind, body and soul....that's what travel does to you. I personally think it also teaches you to appreciate and respect different cultures, cuisines and people. 

We have seen a marked improvement in your tamizh and hopefully, you will speak your mother tongue fluently. I could see you making an effort to converse in tamizh with Thatha and Patti and was pleasantly surprised to hear you converse when noone is paying attention to you. I have realized that the key is to just let you be, you will eventually catch up, but we will never stop trying! After all, you understand everything we speak, be it in tamizh, hindi, english or even telugu! cheppoddu

It is important to speak your mother-tongue, be proud of your roots and where you are matter where you are, you must embrace your language, your you a sense of identity. trust me, you will understand as you grow up and learn different things or meet different people.

Darling, we love you with all our hearts and will love you no matter what. Continue to enrich the lives of everyone around you, also stay happy, have fun, be spontaneous and wild but always remember that it is more important to be kind and loving to everyone and to yourself! 

We love you to the moon, and back! 

Lots of love and blessings,
Amma & Appa

Thursday, March 14, 2019

While at the gym!

I am one of those unlucky ones, who just needs to look at food, I'll put on weight. I am also "blessed" with hormonal imbalances and slow metabolism. So I try to live an active and healthy lifestyle; working out at the gym is my persistent attempt to persevere and stay healthy. 

I head to the gym, equipped with good music, comfortable workout clothes and my kindle too! Often, I choose my choice of "repetitive torture" and invariably end up watching people. You come across such a variety of entertaining people that these tools are often forgotten! Let's get this out of the way, yes! it's great all these people ( yours-truly included) make an effort to stay fit and prioritize some time at the gym in the middle of a busy day! These are just light-hearted observations of people, you don't need to get offended...if you do, please feel free to click on the X button at the top-right corner! 

1. The Rabid Runners
They are perennially on the treadmill running so fast; at such high intensity that the room is filled with the rattling noise. They are sweating it out in buckets, literally! I look at them in exasperation while torturing myself on the elliptical and wondering when I will ever reach those levels of stamina.

2. The Pinterest Pupil
...and then there are those who constantly look at their mobiles to follow a certain sequence of workouts. I take a peek (while humbly picking up a 1 or 2 kg dumbbell) at the super-fit-chick's mobile, who does handstands, burpees, lifts, squats and what-not...and realize that the virtual instructor is Pinterest! ....aah, the many advantages of the world-wide-web, eh?

3. The Spirited Sanitizers
...I am very amused at these people. Before they begin working out, they will obsessively sanitize every equipment religiously - the screen, the handles etc. While I understand that it is good hygiene and is also common courtesy to keep it clean for the next person, it is highly entertaining to see how paranoid people can get, in a place where you expect people to sweat-it-out! To me, it is over-sanitized! 

4. The Passionate Fashionate
....always seen in the most trendy and hip athletic wear, better known as athleisure wear in recent times. Their workout clothes are a perfect fit; extremely flattering and provides "inspiration" to commoners like me. The legs have transparent panels, the sports bras are in trending,neon colours screaming for your attention or they already have flat, toned abs in those leggings that you feel like they probably live at the gym!

Sometimes, there are some really skimpily dressed men in tiny shorts and singlets that make me squirm. Irrespective of the weather, their clothes are uncomfortably short. In addition, they will direct the fan towards them when the air conditioner is full on blowing cold air. Go figure!

5. The Music Mavens
...I can relate to this group a lot! I can't survive working out without good music. I have "inspiring tracks" to keep me going or some moving melodies to relax me, at times. I go into panic mode if the phone charge is low and I am unsure if it will last until I finish my workout time. I am also someone who will stop working out in the middle to change tracks or ensure my headphones are in place, before I do anything else. The headphones and phone are of prime importance to go to the gym. I have observed a few others who are in tandem with me. 

6. The Manic Multitaskers
...those who try to squeeze in as many tasks as possible while walking on the treadmill or puffing away at high speed on the elliptical. I have noticed many people catch up on calls ( I am guilty of doing that too!), check e-mails, messages, whatsapp ( of course!), watch videos on Youtube and even read books. 

If you fall into any of these categories, don't take yourself too seriously. Go ahead and have a hearty laugh!