Tuesday, May 27, 2008


S and I had just got back from a pretty long stay in the UK, a long time away from home, our people, family and friends and we were in the midst of setting up our home here in Pune. S was off to work and I was left to do the arduous task of unpacking and arranging all our stuff, since I didn’t have a job to go to, at that point of time. I was feeling very lonely, bored and longed to see a single soul from my family or friends or even someone remotely familiar…so basically I was homesick!

As I was brooding and waiting for S to return all day, I get a call from S informing me that my friend Nikitha’s friend (She lives and works in Bombay) would visit me and pass on a parcel that she wanted to give me. So I tidied myself up to look presentable and decent for the stranger friend who would come home anytime. Within a couple of minutes, the doorbell rang and I greeted the stranger guy ( who happens to be a sweet guy by name sumit). He smiles and says here is the parcel and I see that his hands are empty! Out of nowhere, Nikitha springs up and gives me a big warm hug and you can clearly hear shrieks of joy from the union and I can’t stop grinning. I was overwhelmed with joy to see her, she stayed with me for a while chatting and left for Mumbai by evening. She had come all the way from Mumbai just to give me a surprise!
I had a warm fuzzy feeling all day and was full of smiles when S got back home and I eagerly started relating the surprise to him!! What a wonderful surprise that was, just when I needed it. Indeed, A friend in need is a friend indeed!! Niki is a darling friend of mine, she is like a charming little kid with the most warm smile and a loving personality!

Monday, May 19, 2008

'Kamala Sanyaas'...

I am someone who thinks about something or the other all the time, read worry sometimes too!! So in order to help myself, I had decided that I would not think too much about anything and just go with the flow!! It is indeed, really very difficult for me, but something that I am trying to cultivate for my own self!

A friend once told me that you should learn to detach yourself from this is not the way to attain nirvana or anything, it is simply a technique to view the events or things that happen to you, as a viewer...detached from yourself. It is called 'kamala sanyaas'....similar to the 'Lotus' flower. If you notice a lotus closely, the water does not stick to the remains detached from the leaf/flower, hence the comparison! So I try and keep telling myself not to think negatively or worry about something that I don't have control over...but I am so wierd...

..Like S once told me a story about a guy who would complain of headaches and go to a doctor regularly with the same complaint. The doctor figured that there was nothing wrong with him to cause any headache and realized its all in his he said everytime you suffer from a headache, take these pills...but try not to think about monkeys when you take them!!

Invariably, the guy would only think of monkeys everytime he needed to take the pill... :D

Similarly, I start thinking about why I don't worry about the things I used! Go Figure!!! :-)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sappy wife thy name is yours truly!

I was flicking through our wedding album ( got hold of it only now, was with my MIL so long!) a couple of days back and could'nt help wondering where S and I stand today as opposed to our wedding day. Like everyone else, I dreamt of a loving partner, unfortunately I didnt get that....I got a wonderful partner who dotes on me like I was the last lovable person left on this earth!! ( Gotcha??)

Let me begin by saying that I did't instantly fall in love with him and I definitely don't believe in love at first sight. I believe love needs some time to grow strongly and to remain that way. Our relationship has evolved over the years and now we are so in tune with each other that we can complete each other's sentences or for that matter, to a large extent, know what the other was thinking about on a certain instance, without any of us uttering even a word about it.

Romance is not just about heart-shapes jewellery, roses or diamonds....the real romantic love lies in the small gestures that we do when S covers me up at night when I am too deep into slumber to realize am cold or when he chides me for leaving my clothes on the floor sometimes, yet organizes my clothes in my wardrobe and ( I am much better at organizing my clothes now, thanks to him!) indulges in my gardening skills and gingerly pulls out the car to get some more potted plants for the nth time, or when he grudgingly shops along with me for artificial flowers or cushion covers, which he knows I can never have enough of....There are so many things I could write here...that he does for me! very thoughtfully I must addition to making my birthday or our anniversary special!! :-)
I believe it is these little things that make us happy and certainly the fact that we have so much to share everyday, when we get back from our respective work-days. It is very nice to know and share each other's perspective about our respective careers at the end of the day.

I am a very hot-tempered woman, and I lose it at the drop of a hat... Being with S has mellowed me down in so many ways that sometimes, when I do control my temper, it amazes me. He is so much part of me, that even when he travels for just a couple of days, Urs truly is fully transformed into a pining and sappy wife! I don't think THAT is gonna change for years to come...for all the above said reasons and more...God bless...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

true to the title of my blog...

I am just gonna ramble on here...Offlate, I have been having some really wierd dreams, so wierd that I can't imagine where to start....THAT wierd!

Anyway, you know I am this restless kinda person....and routine bores me like anything. I get up in the day thinking there will be surprises...of course i am only talking about pleasant surprises....may be something like an award at work or even better a promotion, a holiday to Newzealand, a gift? new clothes? if not, a new lipstick? or maybe even something as simple as a day off...Like back in school, when you reach school to find that its a holiday!! Its an awesome sure everyone else feels that way too, Now come on, dont you? I read my forecast everyday in the paper, but I am that kinda optimistic types who thinks only the positives will work for me. If there is something negative, I always think 'Come on, there are other pisceans in this world, must be for them!!" :D

The trip that I spoke about here is happening and I am going to Pondicherry in June. Lots of poeple go " Pondicherry?? Why would you want to go there???" I dont know...I think it will be a lot more pleasant in those beaches rather than the Goa ones ( atleast the ones I went to..) where all you can see are hordes of people on dirty mattresses and young boys pestering you to go on one of those water sports thingies. Now, I am all for fun and frolic but its an overkill when you are not allowed to settle down or even decide what you want to do...So puhleez, Pondicherry anyday, thank you!! I had a rocking time there once when I went with my office folks, it was such a lot of fun and a really memorable trip. I loved the quaint little town. Also, the incentive for me is that I get to visit my folks and stay with them. Incidentally, their anniversary is the next day to one more special reason! :-)

All my close friends have had babies and I have not seen them all in a long time though I am constantly in touch through IM..dont know how many people I can visit in such a short while! Wish there were many more hours in a day to do all that I want to do or need to do...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Neend na aaye....tere bina....
Dil Ghabraye...tere bina..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

....Its a Sunday evening, S has just gone to Bangalore.....and am left home in the evening We have been messaging each other ever since...I miss him! I know its only a couple of days, but i still miss him....I like to see him the background, reading a paper, polishing his shoes, drinking coffee, listening to his music that I simply cant understand, talking to me, teasing me, cuddling with me watching TV, fighting for the TV, hell...even playing his games on his stupid mobile!...Hell, I MISS you dude...

....I am alone at home. The house is extremely quiet...and I look out the window as I write here...wondering where I lost something really precious that my hard working parents struggled to give me...and I feel like an ass...I hope to God I have not lost it and get it back!! :-( I cant stop thinking about it...apart from S!

Friday, May 9, 2008


A couple of years back, when S and I were living in Bangalore, S joined a gym and I accompanied him. The gym instructor was the typical macho guy with biceps, triceps and the works…I went up to him and enquired about the facilities, timings etc. and he was actually quite pleasant…

The next day, S came back home, not looking too pleasant….so I asked him what happened…and this is what he had to say…
S was working out in the gym when the instructor was making small talk with him…
Instructor: Sir, do you stay near by?
S: Yeah, sort of...( he is not the type to make small talk, he is usually quiet unlike me!)
Instructor: I have seen that girl pretty often on the road…the one who came with you yesterday…
S (doubtfully): is it?
Instructor: I was wondering about her?
S: as in?
Instructor: Is she your sister?
S: NO! ( an emphatic one!)…She is my WIFE!!!
Lol…I couldn’t stop laughing for a long time. To this day, it amuses me when I think about it…for some strange reason, after several such incidents, people tend to think we are siblings. For the love of God, I don’t understand why, coz we have very different facial features…but we are both tall and round faced!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sometimes, I wonder what it would mean to have a sister. I have a great relationship with my brother and we are pretty close. When I see my friends with sisters, I see an easy camaraderie; almost a mother-child relationship without the formal frills and a lot of close friendship put in…its beautiful. It makes me wonder how it would be to have a sister…of course, as a kid, I didn’t want a sister coz the selfish-me didn’t want to share my clothes, accessories or anything with another girl who happens to be my mother’s first or second child! (Yup, that’s what I thought a sister could be. nothing more, nothing less!!)… I now know how wrong I was…coz it is like nurturing your kid, though it sounds clichéd, the idea of sharing your dreams, love, affection, parents, home, secrets, clothes, rooms and everything wonderful and happiness that only sharing can bring about…an almost selfless perfect love…

I must say I have always wondered when I look at sisters and if one of them is prettier or more successful than the other, do they feel jealous or have a low self esteem? But I always end up answering my own question. Do I feel jealous or envy my brother for being successful or for being happy? No, all I can feel is an immense pride and happiness to see him happy and successful…isn’t that how sisters would feel too?...But something that I am sure of is that girly conversations and late night talks definitely happens only among sisters….I have good fun with my brother and we share a few laughs and talk/support each other in times of crisis…but we don’t really talk about everything under the sun for hours together, I think it is something to do with women… I guess I will never know… There is no limit to anything that your heart desires, isn’t it? Brother or sisters, siblings are priceless and it’s a feeling that cannot be described easily in words…as a kid, there were times I hated having an elder brother….but fact remains that I cant imagine my life without him now…I proudly proclaim to this world that I am indeed blessed to have such a wonderful brother – the most caring and loving sibling anyone could have! J

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sheer bliss!

S and I had a very relaxed weekend. On Saturday, we decided to go to a different restaurant instead of the usual haunts. We went to this swanky greek restaurant called ‘Seasons’….the food was awful (the serene and beautiful ambience was lovely)…but the most important factor sucked big time, I can't stand bland food! Anyway, we ate in slow motion and on our way back had such an interesting conversation that S missed a turn and we ended up driving all the way to Satara! Got back home by midnight, was good fun though…

Sunday was very pleasant and a cool breeze kept caressing our faces, as S and I sat on the swing ( yup, I am crazy about that part of my home!), sipping cold coffee….we kept chatting and laughing about something that I cant remember now….most importantly, both of us were two shining happy faces reveling in the joy of a nice evening spent in our lovely home!! I felt so content and blessed…