Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't burst my bubble!

I have always wondered how some thing new in your life or when you embark on a new journey in life - it feels as if everybody or the rest of your world validates your decision with their contributions. For example, S and I were engaged for about a year before we got married. During this time, I would notice that his name would appear everywhere - on T.V., billboards, newspaper or I would meet someone with his name!! I always thought that its a sign and a good sign too. While S likes to think that you are more aware of it and hence take notice, I like to think that its providence! It is meant to be...

It amazes me that when I discuss any travel plans with S or I am looking for something to buy for someone, there is an article in the paper or a program on T.V. or someone forwards a link at the exact same time or I attend an interview in a particular company and everybody seems to refer to the same company in different contexts and conversations. I can't believe that all events are mere coincidences! How else do you explain the various occurences in your life? I prefer to remember only the good ones. In fact, except for my first job ( which also just happened!), every time we moved to a different place, I got a job thanks to a new friend I made somewhere( both in Pune and Paris)...and the best part is that they took an active role in helping me find a job when we were not really close friends. We became close friends later. I like to believe that they came into my life for a reason; to fulfill a desire! God has his ways of fulfilling your desires, you need to identify them! Of course, its a fact that I am blessed with such people who think of me for a job or anything for that matter.( Also, god's blessing, I think!). It works the other way too, you get introduced to someone to fulfill a purpose in their life...

I am always intrigued and totally believe in destiny. If it is meant to be, be it a relationship or career or anything signficant in your life, it WILL happen when HE thinks it is the right time! I believe only in happy endings and good things everywhere, i choose to ignore the bad ones or thoughts that disturb me. I love movies with any kind of magic in it and I don't care if it makes me very unrealistic! I don't want to burst my happy bubble. :)

Its my way of protecting myself. what's yours?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cuff Sandals!

Considering the fact that I have large feet, I have very limited options when it comes to footwear, of course, unless I am ready to bear the agony of wearing heels ( which I rarely do!) I scouted all over Paris looking for something interesting...and found these 'cuff sandals' BATA!!

I was secretly happy that Bata, an Indian brand housed some interesting option for women with large-feet like me.... to my utter dismay, I discovered that its a Czech company! :-) They really know how to cater to the locals coz lots of people assume they are an Indian company atleast in India, coz you can find a Bata around every corner and at affordable prices!

Anyway, I own a pair of interesting pair of cuff sandals that are reasonably comfortable and makes people notice! ;-) What do you think? Like it?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Its spring finally!

I clicked these lovely flowers in a park somewhere near Bastille! Its so pleasant to see flowers and greenery all around...are'nt they simply gorgeous?

Not the ones to be left behind, my plants at home have started flowering too! I love to sip my coffee early in the morning and being able to see this along with the Eiffel Tower of course! ;-)

Its funny that when I took care of them everyday and religiously watered these plants...they refused to flower! When I gave up and simply ignored them, they are flowering!!!
Its as if they said don't frown, we are up! :-)

Friday, April 2, 2010

How do we spend our weekends?

...doing this!

We made a few additions to our home, like the shoe rack and the T.V. without thinking about whether it will fit into our rack! So we had to rearrange the entire living room, which took a lot of effort! But the result was....worth it!

After some time, the rearranging was so much fun and it created a lot of space as opposed to the big stand right in the middle of the living room, which is now in the corner! ( My landlady was right from the beginning, it does take a lot of space, the way we had kept it!)

Next, we tackled the lobby....and with our new shoe rack ( which had to be fully assembled manually by S!), it looks more put-together and I like the fact that its a closed one! We also included a seat so that you can sit down and put on your shoes/boots. ( I will let you in on a secret, I needed more space in the living room to move around when I exercise!) I convinced S that the one-seater has more utility in the lobby area! ;-)

As I wondered where to put the extra mirror which we used to shield all the wires, S came up with this brilliant idea! I love it and over time I have also realized that adding mirrors in strategic places creates an illusion of space. Do remember this, when you rearrange or do up your place! :-)

The old T.V. used to be I used up this space to place the Buddha and Ananya here. I have not named Buddha coz he has already got one! Well, I have this wierd habit of naming all my knick-knacks! So Ananya also changes her jewellery often to match the decor! ;-)