Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When did my baby girl become a little girl already?

Come August, my precious baby girl will become a little girl, already! Where did the time fly, no just zoom? She has brought an immense amount of happiness and meaning into our lives. She is truly an amazing child, even if i sound like an indulgent mother....I honestly feel that way. In fact, I often tell S, that I consider having Baby Girl,the single most biggest achievement of my life. Even if i become super successful, very popular, very rich or receive the highest honor in some field....anything! Nothing can match the exclusive life-changing feeling of becoming a mother, especially to my little Baby Girl.

I was just looking at an old video of a chubby, bald Baby Girl saying 'tha tha tha...' continuously and I can hear myself encouraging her to talk more...and cut to the present, she talks non-stop and can understand almost all the languages we speak, be it tamizh, hindi or english. Where did my little baby go? Thank god, she still has the "mazhalai" intact ( roughly translated as baby language).

She can totally drive me up the wall sometimes, with her antics, non-stop mischief and the constant meddling with all my expensive cosmetics or knick-knacks that we have carefully picked up from different places during our travel. But the very next minute can be the most adorable loving child, who comes and asks me " Amma....why kochi? ( angry?)...I huggie you...ok?"...and give me the most loving hug and reward me with lots of kisses all over the face. How can you stay angry at all? :-) 

She is extremely protective and possessive of me. Even if S jokingly hits me or fools around with me ....she will scold him in her baby ways, its damn cute! When we go down to the park to play in the evenings with her cycle....and I hold a little baby....she will come running from wherever she is...and tell the child "She is MY Amma!" 

It is wonderful to wake up with a beautiful baby sleeping peacefully next to you. It brings an instant happiness in to your lives and fills up your heart with joy! I always wake her up happily, talking to her is OUR time and you can hear squeals and peals of laughter...warm hugs, smiles and kisses! 

We are truly blessed and thank you God for Baby Girl. She is my world and I am her world. Ideal, isn't it? 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Quick update on "The Little People"

Here's a quick and exciting update. I have ventured into an online business, with a dear friend called The Little People. ( click here to view the page on Facebook). Please promote and recommend us to your friends and family, for your nieces, daughters, grand daughters or any little girl you love! Do spread the word! ...Our first set of clothing will be up on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritya!

If you have any feedback or special requests, please feel free to write to us at