Friday, November 20, 2015

Staying true to your self!

is not easy! If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you would have noticed that my ambition in life seemed to be able to evolve into a mature, calm and composed self. 

Inherently, I am a free-spirited, impulsive, in I mean what I say...of course not to the point of being obnoxious or intentionally hurting someone. Just someone who is simple and easy to understand, what-you-see-is-what-you-get types - the type that is pretty rare exceedingly.

With the passage of time and added responsibilities, I have become more mature, not-always-eager-to-voice-my-opinion types who remain calm and smile at all times. Honestly, it freaks me out when I look at myself or evaluate myself as a third person ( yes, it is possible to do that!) feels like I am looking at a totally different person, not the real me.

Obviously, I feel trapped in this grown-up version of me that I have become and look back at my child-like, naive self who would look at everyone with rose-tinted glasses and think that this world and the people in it are all beautiful and good people. I really wish I could go back to being that innocent. Being mature makes you a cynic and someone who does not trust easily and I can't really relate to myself anymore...

Baby Girl is at home all day with me now and we are having fun together - playing hide and seek, running around, playing dress up ( after all I have a a live doll)....of course, partly she drives me up the wall too. When you spend time with that kind of innocence, you realize how flawed we become as we "grow up". 

Often, I have been warned by friends and family that I am too trusting and naive. It is probable that people can take advantage of my naivety. To this date, I have never experienced any negativity like that. EVER. In fact, occasionally when someone wronged me, they came to me and apologized later. So I guess it is better to stay true to who you are, follow your own instincts about life or people and you can be happy as you are :)

Friday, November 6, 2015

Beauty updates on the blog!

I am going to start reviewing and sharing my experience of skincare products and make up that works for me.( like there isn't enough?). Well...I read and follow a lot of makeup tutorials on Youtube and follow a select beauty bloggers and often have my own recommendations to add or I decided why not do it on my own blog, apart from the general updates or thoughts I share personally. After all, I did write one before.

Since you all know already, I used to live in Paris before moving back to India...I was in make up ( very chic I might add!) haven and the interesting art caught on! While L'oreal was a drugstore brand there, it is a high-end brand in India, especially price-wise. 

Anyway, I love a red lip like most chic women do...and it really does require a lot of confidence and self assurance to carry it off (IMHO). I had been eyeing the L'oreal Pure red lipstick series and after a lot of analysis, over-thinking and reading reviews online, I zeroed in on "Pure Rouge"....i think it is the one on Frieda Pinto.

It definitely packs a punch and can be super matte and stays long without creasing or fading away. Worth the wait and the buy! ( Worn it a couple of times with a saree as well as western outfits)...remember to focus on the lips alone...don't pack on everywhere else...let's keep everything else subtle.

I learnt this tip online that you can make any lipstick matte by brushing on talcum powder or translucent powder by holding a tissue on top of your lip and then add another coat. That's it - its there to stay and is matte! 

Another makeup thingy that I love is the highlighter - it's the perfect camouflage for tired skin and can totally fake the "glow" seem super real! So yet again after much deliberation I bought this highlighter-cum-blush palette from a UK brand called MUA ( Make Up Academy)! 

It is supposed to be a blush palette. However, it has blushes, bronzer, gold highlighter, peach-rose highlighter and it is replete. You have this palette, a lipstick and eyeliner - you are good to go!

It blends really well with your skin, is not over-the-top yet effective and subtle. Loved the outcome at the price point it is available! Great product.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Sareetorial Fixations!

I get my fashion fix via High Heel Confidential and sub-consciously tend to look forward to the "Saree Posts" especially in recent times. From someone who has always loved sarees but hesitant to wear it as I would not get the drape right or would feel like it would come off anytime...I have started loving the fact that I have some lovely sarees and can manage to drape it well now. There is always scope for improvement :) I personally think the confidence stems from the fact that I have lost weight! :P

Being a south-indian, I have a lot of Kanjeevarams from my wedding that continue to sleep cozily in my wardrobe among fancy and fragrant pouches! The only time they managed to have an outing was at my brother's wedding 4 years back ( read the post here, incidentally a very popular one on the blog!). So I often look for something that is not a traditional silk saree, and like the lighter solid coloured ones, I have a soft corner for royal blue, ink blue, navy get the drift! ( apart from black, of course which is often a strict no-no at most formal functions)

This is a gorgeous saree in pure gorgette, Ombré effect with crochet trims, a gift from my sister-in-law for my valaikaappu ( bangle ceremony wishing you luck for a safe and healthy delivery) which she graciously let me choose online as I lived in Paris and she lived in the U.S.!!! We exchanged a few e-mails and informed her about my choices and voila! she managed to send it across to me before the ceremony! The awesomeness of internet and technology, eh? I love it for the memory and I really think it is one-of-a-kind with the crochet trims at the pallu and borders.

I prefer solid coloured plain sarees to printed sarees or sarees that has too much going on. I am madly in love with kerala sarees that have the classic combination of white and gold. Paired with a contrast printed blouse, it looks very chic and stunning.

I managed to buy a kerala saree in kora cotton but I felt it lacked the grandeur I was looking the same time, I didn't really want to invest in a silk saree when I have so many unused already! When I found this lovely pocket-friendly saree in cotton silk...very light and easy to drape too! 

I didn't like the black lines close to the gold while we were out scouting fabrics and lace for The Little People (my online business venture with a Partner), I found this lovely pearl and kundan work border in net and I thought it would be a perfect and glamorous quotient on this saree...boy! was I right?

Finally, the "kerala saree"-shaped-hole in my heart is filled and I can imagine rocking this saree with multiple bright coloured, plain and printed blouses! 

Amma ( and Appa) gave me a black saree called "masakkai karuppu" is a ritual in south india to gift the pregnant woman a black saree...which is the only occasion it is allowed! It is black, I presume, to ward off any negative energy or evils. I was super excited coz I love black. Amma got me a lovely silk saree and I was thrilled to bits.

I am 9 months pregnant here and delivered in the next 10 or 11 days...since we lived abroad, my parents came there right at the time of delivery and we had a small function at home with all the little rituals we could fulfill.
I have a thing for sarees with a bavanji border.  A classic style of zari, for the uninitiated - it can be described as plain zari and it often appears very understated without being too blingy. I love that and have always wanted one! We were in Bangalore and surprisingly, S pointed out this gorgeous saree with a bavanji border and I picked it up. Such a simple one, yet it looked amazing when I wore it for a small function at my parent's place and had so many people complimenting me about the colour and style.

These are some of my favorite things and I have fond memories of each saree and eternal project of "kerala saree" fulfilled! I shall update this blog post later when I manage to wear the gold-white beauty, hopefully soon!