Sunday, December 28, 2008

The year that was...2008!

was pretty good...God has always been kind to me...after all, when you go through the lows, you appreciate the highs much more, don't you?

New lovely OWN home. Check.
Good job I love going to, everyday. Check. ( Actually on most days)
Most days, happy and cheerful. Check.
Awesome Holiday to Italy. Check.
Found some amazing friends for keeps. Check.
Peace and Contentment. Check.

I am looking forward to a wonderful new year ahead, with lots of happiness, good memories, fun and loads of love! I hope and pray some of our dreams bear fruit this year! :-)

In 2009, I would love to see myself and everyone around me fitter and healthier!
In 2009, I take a resolution to be more practical and street smart!
In 2009, I take a resoultion to let go of my past and omit the bad memories!
In 2009, I promise to take each day as it comes and enjoy every single moment I have!
In 2009, I promise to share my love and happiness with everyone and try to bring joy to everyone!
In 2009, I promise to be thankful for what I have, which is in abundance compared to many other less fortunate people!

Thank you God, for loving your child, I love you too :-)
Thank you God, for S, for my parents and brother and for all the lovely people in my life.

Monday, December 22, 2008

People-watching and missing Amma!

People-watching is one of my favorite pastimes. On the train from Pisa to Florence, I did just that, with the music on, I could not help looking at the young couple so much in love and smitten with each other, the old yet smart couple completely engrossed in their conversation oblivious to anyone in the train compartment or the lady with a strong personality, who simply attracted my attention like a magnet.

...While I did that, the 'Maa' track from 'Taare Zameen Par' brought back memories of my beloved Amma. I was thinking how much she loves travelling and would have loved to see the beautiful countryside and meeting new people. I got really emotional and I guess, I was sub consciously thinking about how much I miss her....tears automatically rolled down my eyes. S, who was standing outside, listening to his music, came running worriedly asking what the matter is... When I told him, I miss my Amma, he smiled and said you are incorrigible. But I will definitely take her on a Europe trip in the future.

No matter how happy I am, I will always miss her and Appa. Appa is not a big fan of travelling, so am sure he would not enjoy this, anyway! Emotions catch up with you, when you are totally off guard or not expecting it, don't they?

Purple is the color of Italy!

It really is.....You can see the purple color it jackets, boots, accessories.....infact, they have special dedicated sections of purple colored clothes, accessories and awesome boots....

....When in Rome, be a Roman, Right? So, I bought myself a sweater jacket there in Purple!!! he he he...actually, I was feeling really cold and I didn't carry enough warm clothes, so I had to buy it and I really do like the color. :-) Everywhere in Italy, its purple, like its their national color or something!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Journey was interesting!

We didn't choose to fly with Finn air for the best experience or anything, except that it was the best travel deal. Well, I guess you learn from your mistakes. To start with, the losers just gave us non-vegetarian food and didn't bother to even ask what our preference would be. So I speak to the steward and request him for a vegetarian meal. He tells me ' I know it sounds ridiculous, but we have run out of vegetarian meals' !!! So S and I went hungry with no food except for some dry bread and fruits on a 10 hour flight! He didn't even have the gall to apologise, just some dumb excuse and very nonchalant about it.

Anyway, I didn't want to dampen my holiday spirit and was generally enjoying myself listening to some music on my phone when the guy next to us is sobbing quietly. I ask S to ask him if somethings wrong? S in his usual caustic self asks me to mind my own business, and just ignores the guy. How can I feel happy about my holiday while someone is crying next to me? I wait for some time and hesitate, finally can't take it anymore and I ask him if something is wrong? He immediately says he's fine and smiles. :-) I know something is bothering him and wish I could help and yet can't. So, Stranger-on-the-flight-to-Helsinki-next-to-us, I hope you find peace with whatever that is bothering you. Maybe, he was missing someone or a loved one died, I will never know!

After the long and arduous journey, when we arrived in Rome, it was bloody cold...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bella Italia!

....The trip was fantastic, hectic and an awesome experience. Very cold. Loads of WALKING. Beautiful Architecture.Beautiful and friendly people. Lovely Music. Books. Watching People. Good memories.

I will continue to share my thoughts through a series of posts or as I recollect my memories about the trip, pictures and how can I forget the little shopping I did? :-)

I always feel that travel to a different city or country exposes you to a different lifestyle and different people, that is completely different from your own 'comfort zone' - be it food, clothes, weather, people or their way of life...and I am glad I am blessed with an opportunity to explore the different facets of this world, other than my own little world.
Well, at first glance, a few observations about Italy and most importantly, its people.

  1. I felt thirsty ALL the time and I would drink gallons of water. Water is really sweet and I would really look forward to drink water. I didnt notice any of the Italians drink water though. Water is water, how can anything else replace it? They drink something called 'water with gas' which tastes like soda.
  2. The women are very well-dressed and wear elaborate eye makeup and all kinds of glamourous boots. The Italian men are very tall and good-looking, which is a known fact, I guess.
  3. I felt very sad to see lots of lonely old couples or single senior citizens everywhere. Most of them live all alone, shivering in the cold, senile and longing for company.
  4. Most of them don't speak English. But you can manage to communicate with some rudimentary words and signs!
  5. I was surprised to see there is hardly any vegetable in Italian cuisine. As it is, we had a hard time finding vegetarian food, even if we did it was the same tomato-cheese pizza or pasta. After some time, the lack of spice gets to you, even though I am quite fond of cheese and pastas, it gets boring over time.
  6. As it gets dark pretty early, I felt like people are very disciplined and retire pretty early. At home, it feels very lively and people are always active throughout the day and even late at night. Around 6.30 - 7, most shops are closed and the streets are empty and you don't see too much activity.
Leaving you with a sneak peak of my little trinkets from Italy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am on a break!

S and I saw 'Dostana' yesterday night and it was a much-needed distraction from all the tension and sad turn of events in the Mumbai terror attacks. Those images haunt me and I keep going back to what their families must be going through. I send a silent prayer for all them to cope with their loss, its very difficult, easier said than done....but life has to go on for them. Me too. The Mumbai Siege reiterates the fact that we should live each day as it comes and enjoy every single day doing things you have always wanted to, like there is no tomorrow...literally!
I leave for Italy tomorrow night and my flight is from Mumbai-Delhi-Helsinki-Rome. I can't help but fervently hope that we return home safely. Of course, finally it is DESTINY. But I have to admit that there is a morbid fear of 'what-if', must admit! What has become of my beloved country? We will come through this, this too shall pass. I know that!

Anyway, I am hoping to have a lovely holiday and explore the lovely country Italy is! :) I hope I am missed a teeny weeny bit when I am away!!
I will be away for 2 weeks, on vacation, the much awaited trip to Italy with my S! I am back on the 18th of December. I shall be back with stories and pictures to share with you guys. See you all on the other side of my break! :) Keep smiling!!!