Monday, December 22, 2008

People-watching and missing Amma!

People-watching is one of my favorite pastimes. On the train from Pisa to Florence, I did just that, with the music on, I could not help looking at the young couple so much in love and smitten with each other, the old yet smart couple completely engrossed in their conversation oblivious to anyone in the train compartment or the lady with a strong personality, who simply attracted my attention like a magnet.

...While I did that, the 'Maa' track from 'Taare Zameen Par' brought back memories of my beloved Amma. I was thinking how much she loves travelling and would have loved to see the beautiful countryside and meeting new people. I got really emotional and I guess, I was sub consciously thinking about how much I miss her....tears automatically rolled down my eyes. S, who was standing outside, listening to his music, came running worriedly asking what the matter is... When I told him, I miss my Amma, he smiled and said you are incorrigible. But I will definitely take her on a Europe trip in the future.

No matter how happy I am, I will always miss her and Appa. Appa is not a big fan of travelling, so am sure he would not enjoy this, anyway! Emotions catch up with you, when you are totally off guard or not expecting it, don't they?