Friday, December 19, 2008

The Journey was interesting!

We didn't choose to fly with Finn air for the best experience or anything, except that it was the best travel deal. Well, I guess you learn from your mistakes. To start with, the losers just gave us non-vegetarian food and didn't bother to even ask what our preference would be. So I speak to the steward and request him for a vegetarian meal. He tells me ' I know it sounds ridiculous, but we have run out of vegetarian meals' !!! So S and I went hungry with no food except for some dry bread and fruits on a 10 hour flight! He didn't even have the gall to apologise, just some dumb excuse and very nonchalant about it.

Anyway, I didn't want to dampen my holiday spirit and was generally enjoying myself listening to some music on my phone when the guy next to us is sobbing quietly. I ask S to ask him if somethings wrong? S in his usual caustic self asks me to mind my own business, and just ignores the guy. How can I feel happy about my holiday while someone is crying next to me? I wait for some time and hesitate, finally can't take it anymore and I ask him if something is wrong? He immediately says he's fine and smiles. :-) I know something is bothering him and wish I could help and yet can't. So, Stranger-on-the-flight-to-Helsinki-next-to-us, I hope you find peace with whatever that is bothering you. Maybe, he was missing someone or a loved one died, I will never know!

After the long and arduous journey, when we arrived in Rome, it was bloody cold...