Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Instant Pick-me-ups!!!

  • Mann vaasanai ( the smell of earth,immediately after it rains!)
  • Warm embraces from amma/appa
  • Snuggling up with S
  • To see S after a long day at work!
  • Wet kisses from babies
  • Compliments from anybody about how good I look ( narcissist, you say, of course I am!)
  • Hear a child's full-throated laughter ( its genuine and innocent, no pretence)
  • Long chats with close friends over the phone/chat/e-mail, anything will do
  • Old photographs of childhood memories
  • S giving me loving smiles when I am in my 'crazy' moods
  • Mindlessly fooling around with S ( dirty minds, just harmless little games we invent!)
  • Get ready and go to school/college, only to find that it is closed
  • Getting up late in the morning that there is no office to rush to, puts me in a super mood
  • Reading M&Bs, mindless reading relaxes me where its a perfect world and loads of romance ( I am a die-hard mushy romantic to the core!)
  • Soaked up in water (Besant nagar beach)
  • Loads of attention, especially from good looking and witty guys ( those were the days... :D, now I have that from my one and only dude!!)
  • Thayir sadam, vetha kuzhambu and urulakizhangu roast
  • Nice haircut /hairstyle
  • Anything new ....clothes, ear rings, shoes, artefact, new curtains, nailpolish, anything insignificant but new!
  • Rasamalai, chocolates with nuts and icecreams ( all should be fat-free, if that's possible!)
  • Lots of cool water ( really, water lifts my spirits)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My wonderful INDIA!

What is it with us??? Why do we underestimate ourselves?? Everytime I hear someone say 'bloody Indians' when they are irritated or impatient waiting somewhere or for any bloody reason, my blood boils. I want to say, "what the hell are you?" How are you helping India to be a better place than any one else. How refined are your manners? Do you really care to keep your country clean?? Puuuulllllhhhhhlllllleeeeeeeeeeezeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Why are we so ashamed of ourselves? Our dear India is so beautiful, in every sense!!! She has a rich culture, endowed with fabulous history and legendary ancestors! ....and what do we do??

I have nothing against westerners or their culture, but i was just watching 'Roadies' on MTV. I felt so sad, where our youngsters priorities lie! Why cant we promote something that is our culture, at the same time a lot of fun. The girls are more interested in showing skin and using swear words and what not, I dont even want to mention the guys!!! Of course, to each his own!!! sometimes, that's the whole problem!!

While the rest of the world resorts to India-originated Yoga, our culture and everything else, we on the other hand, are losing it!! (Dont get me wrong, I do enjoy and appreciate the culture, beauty and uniqueness of every country, but I dont believe in putting down my country to praise another one! )Yes, we are losing it! We dont need to lose our identity to adopt and ape someone else for the heck of it, sans meaning!

I am a proud Indian!!! We have such wonderful things to be proud of....Can anybody dance as gracefully as our Indian Classical Dancers? Is any other music as soothing and divine as ours?? Can you find any of the so-called-herbal creams as effective as our natural beauty treatments, that our moms and grandma practised and recommended?? Many of my friends and relatives abroad are more appreciative of India and everything 'home'ly. Does it mean we understand the value of our country, only after we leave and are living in a foreign land either by choice or circumstances??!!!

I dont know, I really dont know.....BUT I wont give up! I will always love my country and do every bit to show how beautiful my country is! India is a wonderful country endowed with all the natural beauty and with the right marketing, we will rule the world !!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


What you see is what you get!!!! Its very true when it comes to me!! I have no hidden meaning in my words and actions. I am very outspoken! I am hyper-sensitive, am extremely emotional. I get hurt very easily. Period.

S used to tell me very often, that "you dont get hurt, unless you let yourself to be"! And i was like, Yeah! would know if someone was hurtful to you. But now I have realized that it IS possible to shut out the negative vibrations you get from people by simply ignoring them. Just dont give them so much importance to have the power to hurt you. Sometimes, people are so ignorant that they dont even realize that their words are hurting someone. I try and be as positive as possible. It really helps.

When I am upset or disturbed, i just listen to good music, it has a wonderfully calming effect. It also helps not to think about anything too much. Just take life as it comes, who knows, it might hold a plethora of joy and for all you know, you are missing the simple pleasures in life, at present!!! :-)

I love life and all those people who share it with me...Cheers to optimists!!! :D

Friday, February 9, 2007

Are you tactful??!!

What has this world come to?? Do any of us bother to think before we speak??....I am baffled by a few who remain absolutely tactless!!! They just say whatever pops into their minds...rather mouths!! However, detached or balanced or practical or say what you want, s/he is bound to get hurt by insinuating comments or words or actions.

When i hear someone making hurtful comments to a friend or someone I know, I wonder how many times I have done that unknowingly or knowingly. I feel BAD. I do know how inconsiderate people can be, and how hurting it is when somebody speaks to you without giving a thought to the other's reactions or feelings.

What is a topic of discussion or gossip or time pass for one, might be a vulnerable aspect of another's life. I dont mean to be a prude and say that you cant just have fun or be witty. Just dont go over the top, to the point of offending the "subject", so to speak!

So, another step towards being a better person....Be Considerate of other's feelings. Try not to offend anyone by your actions or words!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Tangents mode!

That's how i would describe my thoughts and sometimes, the way I speak. 'Random thoughts' are what I have in my mind...I have so much to say or pen down that when i actually sit down to write them....there are so many that finally i cant remember what i wanted to say. Even when i talk to someone, I am gushing with so much to say that I tend to speak in tangents, and even say so!!!

Sometimes, I wonder if I am the only one, who is so gung-ho about self-respect? I am very outspoken. I have always been...I cant imagine myself doing or saying something in fear! I dont mean to say I am fearless...I do have my fears of say, insects or yucky stuff, rejection, disappointment, anger. But I am never scared to speak my mind. I am not scared about what someone will think of me, if i say this? NO! And I have learnt that if you stick to your principles and beliefs, even if people make fun of you or ridicule you in person, sub-consciously they will respect you for it. If they refuse to do so, I believe it is their loss, and will someday, learn to accept an individual as an indivudual ( by the way, 'An individual is an individual' is something i say very often!)

I have also learnt the hard way round that you cannot please everyone!!! After a point of time, it is YOUR life! YOU have to make your choices and own up to your mistakes! You cannot live life on other's terms. As long as you dont hurt someone intentionally and your conscience is clear, its important to do or speak what you feel.I dont mean to generalise, but to a large extent, women look for approval from everyone about everything and everyone in their lives. Of course, certain important decisions in life need to be made in consent with your loved ones. But to live a life of constant approval from someone can take its toll on you , both physically and emotionally. I find it exasperating to see such people in life and you can slowly see my foot moving towards my mouth... :D

Friday, February 2, 2007

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Learning Phase!!!!

I am really excited about all the new changes happening in my life... whether I made good decisions or bad decisions , needs to be seen??!! Anyways, I never go back on my decisions....I am mature enough to stand by them! ;-)

A few learnings:
  • I am learning to savour every moment
  • I am learning to let go , things that need to go off my mind
  • I am learning to learn
  • I am learning to drive my car more confidently
  • I am learning to embrace myself
  • I am learning to be happy for the things I have, and things other dont
  • I am learning to appreciate the choices I have, while other don't
  • I am learning to detach myself from 'ME'
  • I am learning to be more empathetic
  • I am learning to accept changes in life, for all you know, it might be good for me
  • I am learning to take each day as it comes. It has a certain excitement when you dont know what is to come or expect
  • I am learning to be patient
  • I am learning to be more considerate
  • I am constantly learning to be a better human being!!!