Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My neighborly artist and the little dancing people!

Many years back, I chanced upon The Mad Momma's blog (thank you mad momma!) where she had decorated her corridor with warli art and thought it was a brilliant idea to enliven a dull space like the corridor which is often ignored or left bare...we lived in a rented apartment then, and I didn't want to do that in someone else's home (technically!)

Incidentally, Warli art form is very popular folk painting among tribals in Maharashtra and is usually depicted only in white! (Since, my walls are already white, we decided to go with black!)

So I waited for sometime until we got our own home...alas, just as we started settling in....we moved to Paris! So finally the time has come and we are back home. But with Baby Girl and settling back in, I hardly found time! ( This post has been lying in my draft for a long time now!)

As luck would have it, my 12- year old neighbor R is fantastic and has an artistic bent of mind and comes up with very creative ideas and projects. I asked her if she would like to paint my wall with the little dancing people a.k.a warli art! 

She readily agreed and managed to complete it in a couple of days....its gorgeous and is a center of attention, especially for Baby Girl...she gets up from her nap and stares at the little people with awe! I am grateful for those 5 minutes of rest... :P

Its a strip on the corridor leading to the rooms....and apart from the art, has a collage of various paintings and memorabilia from our travels across Europe and its a nice walk down memory lane...
and that wall feels so complete now! I admire the people as I walk across looking for Baby Girl, numerous times through the day...:-)