Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Winter Fashion!

It's cold and I am always covered in layers and layers of clothes. After the initial excitement of the snow and winter clothes, it tends to get repetitive, wearing jackets ALL the time! For our weekend trip to Annecy, I decided to try and wear something different from a jacket atleast one day! Though, it was pretty cold, I managed to stay warm!

With the sales happening in Paris ( there are major sales here only twice in a year - January and July; discounts are as much as 70% off), of course I decided to check out the stores! ( I mean, OF COURSE ;)... I found this knitted skirt for a real good bargain, and I decided to wear it with a formal blazer under layers and layers of sweater-tops! For once, I decided to skip the winter jacket!

I do like the structured look of this ensemble, the skirt is a military-green with large pockets on both sides! :)

I also carried some colorful scarves to brighten up my regular black-grey jackets...they are the simplest accessory and a total space-saver that makes S most happy! ;)

Incidentally, the jacket is also from the Sales and I bought it at 50% off and it really keeps me warm! :) I am a big "red" fan and I add a lot of red in my clothes and to my home decor! It brightens up your day, IMHO! You can find many "red accents" in my living room too!

I bought this light blazer from H&M about a year back, when I started working here. But I never got a chance to wear I chose this weekend trip to Annecy to wear it! When you wear formal clothes, rather mix a bit of formal with casual, it makes you look chic!

Annecy was gorgeous and I felt like it was a combination of Venice and Amsterdam with all the bridges and canals! I am having a ball regularly posting pictures from Annecy, Check it out too! Many people are unaware of this beautiful little city near the Alps, they also happen to be one of the contenders for the Winter Olympics in 2018, so there was a lot of promotion everywhere around the town!