Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The view from my window

My favorite corner of my home - the reading alcove overlooking the sea...I am transported to a different world with characters who seem to fill all my senses and become one with me in my little world as it exists! ...

I look at this beautiful serene view of the sea and as I see the boats move slowly from a distance...a sense of calm descends over me and I feel very relaxed. I have my "alone time with my books and thoughts" here everyday and it prepares me for anything and everything for the rest of the day. I feel blessed that I have this view and my beautiful family - that's all I ever want - truly.

The lows and ebbs in life make you realize what is most important to you. Of course, I am definitely one of those people who gets introspective and so very philosophical during a low phase. I always think that i should be grateful for all the people, blessings, food, security, travel, partner, child, good health, friends, family, etc. and focus on being positive. Except, when the good times thankfully roll in, i am just busy living my life and forget gratitude - this time round I want to consciously remember that equanimity in state of mind at all times is key to balance in life.

I am also someone who strongly believes "Happiness is a state of mind". If you believe you are happy, you are! The same logic can be applied to anything and everything - both positive and negative thoughts. Always fill your minds with positivity, gratitude, happiness, contentment and your life will be filled with love, light and everything bright. 

As I sit here at the window, typing away - there are these huge ropes that seem to never end. The window cleaning is in progress. To me, they look like "beanstalk" from "Jack and the Beanstalk", my favorite fairy tale. I love the concept that God is so accessible and I can take the "stairway to heaven" as and when I please to pay a visit to Heaven! It brings a smile when I see the dangling ropes and I am not exaggerating when I say they are endless. In Hong kong, due to constraints in space, apartments are all high rise buildings going up to 60 floors! So it is pretty high and you also have a spectacular, magical view of the sea, the boats literally floating makes me smile :)...especially the "beanstalk"!