Monday, July 18, 2011

Change is all things sweet...

It struck me, a couple of days back that this is the longest we have stayed in a home, since we have been married. I like to change it up every now and then, and by now, most people know that I change the curtains and cushions obsessively and periodically.

Though, it seems like an insignificant aspect to most people, it is the single most factor that is not just practical but also shows a radical change in the decor!

Our couch or the sofa has been used up a lot since we moved to Paris, that we refer to it as the "basement"! Anyway, most guests seemed to have a problem getting up and as we both developed backaches, we moved it to the other end of the living room, that we don't really use! But who says, it can't look pretty anyway? :)

I love the Vincent Van Gogh painting in my home, which was put up by my sweet landlady there...I picked up a copy of the same and another lovely piece by Van Gogh and have stashed it safely, to be framed and to be decorated!

...Have finally moved on from the psychedelic black rug to a more summery lime green....I love the colors and vibrance when I get back home...or lounge at home...

Friday, July 1, 2011

To be selfless...

I happened to watch this video on youtube and I was in tears! What a selfless man!! I am truly inspired and humbled...there are numerous occasions when we all want to help, the intention is there...but we never do anything about it. I am also one of them.

I googled about him and found out how I can some little way I can, and found their website.

I really wanted to blog about it, write it down - to help people find information about him and his cause and to remind self to be more giving and generous and care for others.

The way, he cares for people he has no connection to, feeds them, cares for them, hugs them and shows genuine is a god-like quality. What a beautiful heart!

They are now building a rehabilitation home for the mentally destitute, helpless and old people who are homeless and live in the streets, I hope we can all do our bit and help this great man in his initiative.