Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bella Italia!

....The trip was fantastic, hectic and an awesome experience. Very cold. Loads of WALKING. Beautiful Architecture.Beautiful and friendly people. Lovely Music. Books. Watching People. Good memories.

I will continue to share my thoughts through a series of posts or as I recollect my memories about the trip, pictures and how can I forget the little shopping I did? :-)

I always feel that travel to a different city or country exposes you to a different lifestyle and different people, that is completely different from your own 'comfort zone' - be it food, clothes, weather, people or their way of life...and I am glad I am blessed with an opportunity to explore the different facets of this world, other than my own little world.
Well, at first glance, a few observations about Italy and most importantly, its people.

  1. I felt thirsty ALL the time and I would drink gallons of water. Water is really sweet and I would really look forward to drink water. I didnt notice any of the Italians drink water though. Water is water, how can anything else replace it? They drink something called 'water with gas' which tastes like soda.
  2. The women are very well-dressed and wear elaborate eye makeup and all kinds of glamourous boots. The Italian men are very tall and good-looking, which is a known fact, I guess.
  3. I felt very sad to see lots of lonely old couples or single senior citizens everywhere. Most of them live all alone, shivering in the cold, senile and longing for company.
  4. Most of them don't speak English. But you can manage to communicate with some rudimentary words and signs!
  5. I was surprised to see there is hardly any vegetable in Italian cuisine. As it is, we had a hard time finding vegetarian food, even if we did it was the same tomato-cheese pizza or pasta. After some time, the lack of spice gets to you, even though I am quite fond of cheese and pastas, it gets boring over time.
  6. As it gets dark pretty early, I felt like people are very disciplined and retire pretty early. At home, it feels very lively and people are always active throughout the day and even late at night. Around 6.30 - 7, most shops are closed and the streets are empty and you don't see too much activity.
Leaving you with a sneak peak of my little trinkets from Italy!