Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Summer Coolers!'s been quite a while since I posted about my sartorial choices, apart from the "sareetorial" posts , I mean! 

In the sweltering heat, I wish I could saunter away in shorts. Alas, my thighs do not permit. Hence, I settle for flattering silhouettes in fun prints, like this chevron print skirt here in a divinely soft cotton that hugs you in all the right places and can be really flattering, eh?

I am so into these trendy "statement" pieces and really wish I could make a statement. But for the number of pieces I own, there are not enough places I can wear them to, without being too overdressed! So I often look at them longingly hoping the day will arrive when I can arrive as well...sigh! 

The pastel colours on this piece add to the summery feel and looks very cheerful. ( I own this piece btw)...Paired with a soft georgette white shirt or blouse and black slim-fit trousers - this would look amazing with some soft make up. This would look breathtaking with a plain saree in a dark colour too! Someday. 

With every online shopping sites offering a sale almost every other day, you tend to shop every other day too. So I picked these pencil skirts on a whim and was pleasantly surprised that it was not only of good quality and fit - it was very pocket-friendly too. 

I got these in two colours - a bright red and the classic black. Both of them can be paired in a million ways! I am glad I found this range on

My classic signature syle is to wear solid colours - mostly plain dark colours and to pair them with statement pieces. I would probably go for soft cotton plain kurtas in dark colours, from westside or would buy georgette tops or feminine flowy blouses and pair them with jeans/ trousers/jeggins. Quirky, unique yet interesting pieces like these I picked from Pipa Bella. 

I chanced upon this site when I was looking for something unique to gift my best friend on her birthday. Since then, I have been hooked. They send the jewellery pieces neatly packed in a pretty box and sometimes, even seal the deal with a cute gift. What more do you want?

Monday, March 7, 2016

Recycling the Crib!

Anything and everything that concerns the Baby Girl or is remotely related to her - we are extremely attached to it or has high sentimental value. I find it really difficult to part with her things - be it clothes, shoes, accessories, high chair, car seat, pram...or furniture! I wish we had a separate room just to store her stuff...except we don't! I digress...

Anyway, so Baby Girl is 3.5 years old now and we gave up on her sleeping in her crib a long time ago! I even modified the crib and attached it to our bed so we could slowly move her there once she is asleep! didn't work! She needs to feel my breath on her as she the crib just lies there in our bedroom with absolutely no use yet taking up a lot of space! 

S and I, had a "eureka" moment and we hired a local carpenter and converted it into a bunk bed of sorts. S had this brilliant idea of using the railing on the crib as a ladder and with some added ply or wood - we came up with this! 

How cool is this, eh? The carpenter did a great job. Baby Girl is so excited about her bed though she doesn't really sleep in it yet. She is always up to some mischief on top. Her baby and different million things go up and are safely tucked away in a blanket.

I am so glad we can keep her crib as a permanent fixture in our home! Love it.