Friday, February 7, 2014

My Jhumki Jhumka Collection!

Jhumkis are a classic, just like sarees...they never go out of style!
Amma had a major crush on Jhimkis or Jhumkas ( down south it is Jhimki and in the North it is referred to as Jhumkas - they are basically the same!)...but she could not afford them when she was a young woman when she could afford them....she bought one too many for me and I had many variants since childhood - but didnt have a fancy for them whatsoever!
Years passed by, and Amma's fascination has caught on, it is right on trend...and it definitely suits my big face! I have enough variations in gold, 1gm gold, lac, silver, gemstones, temple jewellery, different name it...and I have it! :-) I am hoping to pass them on to Baby A - well, if she doesn't care for them, like Amma would say "One day, you will beg me to give it to will she!" ;-)

These are my first jhimkis....the one's my parents gave me as part of my wedding jewellery in gold. They are classic south indian style jewellery and I have a piece that reflects my roots down south!
...these are called "temple jewellery" and are often worn in south indian weddings and for dance performances as well....they are very flattering on most faces! :-) I wore them for my wedding too! 
I bought these 1-gm gold jhumkas and wore them for Baby A's ayush's an affordable option that suits my pocket while looking as good as any gold jhumkis.
I have always been in love with kerala jewellery - i like bithe lovely designs - their maanga mala, big oversized jhumkis...this is a palakka style jhumki and oversized jhumkis are always in vogue...the fact they suit my equally big face is a plus!
Second to jhumkis, I love pearls or anything pearly for that matter...also, they add elegance to any outfit- be it a saree or any western formals!
I bought these to go with a contemporary red saree for my brother's wedding. I wanted something that would not be too overwhelming, considering the red saree is bright already - sort of monochrome-colored jhumkis!
Oxidized jewellery/costume jewellery for everyday use, to be paired with kurtas and kurtis.
I love turquoise and anything blue or turquoise-y! ...I loved these coz they are a good mix of modern look with traditional elements, especially in a jhumki!
Unlike my usual self, I have worn all of these at some point in time - casual, everyday, important events, to work....everywhere! How do you like my collection? I plan to expand this time goes by.