Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Accessorizing my personality!

Offlate, I am really drawn to quirky pieces of jewellery....everyday stuff that is interesting and unusual in a way that brings a smile on your face and reflects your personality...not make you wonder what's wrong with this woman, mind you!

I love how gold complements my skintone, but I prefer the matte gold as opposed to too-shiny-in-the-face kinda gold! I found this really cute collar necklaces on , I am in love with it and wear it to work with bright summery tops/blouses. It really brightens up the entire ensemble!

I love turquoise and have many bold and chunky necklaces or "statement necklaces" in the same color and I picked most of them from my trip to India! :) It goes well with a plain white shirt or top! 

Here's another one that's really cute - its a moustache, of course I prefer my man clean-shaven for sure! It makes for a nice change to brighten a Monday morning, what say?

I loved this "peace and love" pendant with the very girly sort of detailing in it, makes it look very feminine and pretty...

I picked this up in Bangalore from India coz the pendant has an elephant aka my favorite God Ganesha or "the Elephant God" as people here in Paris tend to refer to him...its really cute and brings out the child in me....
I fell in love with this claw bracelet, beware - i might dig into you if you rub me the wrong way! ;)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Super Mom (Amma!)

I feel there is a lot of beauty in calling her "Amma" in my mother tongue rather than calling her "Mummy" or "mom"...hence the revised title!

On my way back home yesterday, I could'nt help feeling emotional as I kept thinking about my teen years. When I became 'sweet 16', my mom did the sweetest thing for me. She went to Hyderabad with her friend before my birthday for some occasion....and came back and gifted, not one or two, but 16 dresses!!!!! She was like, I wanted your 16 to be very special for you! :-) I was so touched by her thoughtful sweet gift!

My mom/dad have always been really loving and thoughtful, despite being strict most of the times. I remember when i was 13 or 14, my mom got transferred to Bangalore, and she had to go due to circumstances. My brother and I, stayed with my dad and he took very good care of us. I would cry everytime she came visiting over weekends and when she had to go back...So my dad surprised me the next morning. I woke up to my mom fondly waking me up lovingly with endearments and calling me her sweet little baby....I was thinking I must be dreaming...Amma is in Bangalore, so how can i hear her voice? Actually, my dad had recorded her voice and she spoke to me like she was right there with me...and every day he would wake me up with that recording...When we got back from school, he was very thoughtful and engaged us in learning the 'Hanuman Chalisa' brother and I sang the whole shlokas in some time to my Mom in a few days time and her face lit up with was worth the effort. Appa did everything he could so that we did not miss Amma too much.

I remember staying with my Perima ( my mom's elder sister) one weekend and crying to see my mom...she was like 'Come to me, darling! I will hug you!" I was such a mean thing and said 'But your sari does not smell like my mom's! I want amma...'!!! She (my perima) is no more but I always think of her as a person with genuine love and affection for me.I think about it now and can't stop feeling bad about my behavior. But at that point, i could'nt fully understand why Amma had to be away from us. She must have been miserable already staying away from her husband and kids. To top it all, if i cried everytime she left, I am sure she would go back to Bangalore very miserable too...I wonder how she coped with it all and remained cheerful and happy, it would make me insane to be in a situation like that. Amma is a very strong woman.
That kind of selfless love, only comes from a parent, I guess!! :-) I feel so blessed when I think of my awesome parents! I am what I am because of them...( I turned out pretty ok, me thinks!) ;-)

Edited to add: Amma in her stylish avataar when she visited us in Paris in 2010!

P.S - I WON the contest! Yay!!