Monday, June 29, 2009

Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone...

..and that applies to Paneer and sizzlers now! S and I simply love sizzlers and have been longing to have a good sizzler since we arrived in Paris! As we don't get some of the things like Paneer which I love, I actually try and make them at home. Paris has made me a domestic Goddess in lots of ways!! Like Maa says, I am doing all the chores all together now for all the time I didn't do in all these years! Its like cumulative work... :-) and you know what? An idea is worthless if you don't use it. So I googled a bit on the net to find some sizzler recipes, browsed through an idea of the ingredients and method a lil bit...and came up with my own recipe!! It came out very well, my own customized Thai Sizzler! We were both thrilled to bits coz it tasted really good...we put on a good movie and enjoyed the weekend with this!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Enjoying the 'completeness'...

I HAD to put up all the cushion covers I have....( knowing my cushion cover mania!!)...

I enjoy reading a book here....sipping a cup of tea!!!...Bliss!!

My valuable memories and photos....( Yes, they are blurred, I is intentional)

We sit here and enjoy this lovely view...At night, the display of lights is beautiful and I am lucky enough to see it every night!!! I will put up the video soon....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Unraveling the bad temper in me?

Thethoughtfultrain has tagged me. She describes me with such flattering words that I had to look twice if she was really referring to me? See, the blog doesn't show the hot-headed side of me, that's why!! I am pretty short tempered...but I like to think I have mellowed down over time, experiences and of course, S's calm influence. Now, the secret is out, if anything the tag, for sure will...

Tag: I have to list 10 things that make me mad/seething with anger. (That's not too difficult!)

  1. It really pisses me off when people spit on the road, scribble on public property and throw garbage on the roads/monuments/scenic places of beauty and generally make my country ( any country for that matter) dirty! I want to walk up to them and say 'Hell, Pick it up right now!'.
  2. I detest people who make personal comments and make fun of others without any consideration for their feelings or any empathy ( of course, harmless teasing or ribbing is fun!). It has to be funny and fun for all parties concerned, not just you!
  3. I hate it when fellow Indians abroad ( or even in India for that matter) make derogatory comments about my beautiful country in order to 'fit in' or whatever the reason! I wonder what have you done to improve the situation? Is there any 'perfect' country? Why don't YOU do something about it instead of simply complaining?
  4. I despise sexist comments such as 'Oh! Women always gossip!' or 'Men are such chauvinists!'.I have known women being chauvinistic and hell, men gossip a lot! I believe we are what we are due to our upbringing, friends and surroundings. It has nothing to do with being a man or a woman!
  5. I judge people who do not have clean home and bathrooms. I don't mean fancy interiors or stuff like that, I mean just keeping your home clean and cheerful. Your home reflects your personality and if its not clean, doesn't speak much for your personality either!
  6. It gets my goat when people do not teach their kids their mother-tongue if they are living abroad or in a different city. It is important to know your roots ( and easier for grandparents to interact with the kids), I will ensure my child speaks his/her mother-tongue apart from other languages.
  7. I cannot imagine how some parents can snigger or laugh when their kids are disrespectful to others or misbehave in public and actually laugh about it. What do the kids learn? Whom do they look up to, as they grow up?
  8. I don't like it when people relegate certain chores to women. Especially when people ask as soon as you get married, 'So do you cook?' or 'Any good news?'. There is nothing wrong if men can cook if women can have a career! My plans to start a family is a private matter that I am not comfortable discussing with all and sundry! When I do, you will know! Why is it that you don't question the men about starting a family? After all, It takes two to tango!!
  9. I don't appreciate it when you assume that I am running after money if I am working/have a career. I am not judging you for not working, so let's reciprocate the feeling? To each his own, I am happy doing what I do...PERIOD.
  10. Sometimes, it irritates me when people are indecisive about little things like choice of food, movie and such like. Its not a life threatening decision, do it fast!! I know its unfair to judge, coz most of the times I am sure about what I want, so I get impatient when people do that! :-)
There, I let out all my frustrations. I am not tagging anyone with this, of course, feel free to take it up and let me know! I will visit your blog to read, for sure!! I had fun doing this, thank you once again, Thethoughtfultrain! :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Living vicariously...

The 'Chunkie-junkie' in me, lives vicariously through her... :P . Who am I kidding? I love chunky jewellery and I do wear them when I want to...I just like all the beads on her...she is our resident gypsie ( lambaadi as we call it in Tamizh!)

P.S - This is a farewell gift from my friends at my Bangalore workplace! Isn't she lovely with her serene and calm face?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Before and After Pictures of our home in Paris!


AND After...

You like? :-)

P. S - All my stuff arrived quite some time back, I just took my time to post the pictures!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Has it been SIX years?

...Often, when people ask me how long you have been married and I count the years, I feel like it can't be THAT long? My darling S, I can't remember how life used to without you ( sounds filmy but true), every happy(iest?) memory has to do with you. Every little gesture of yours shows your love for me...
  • When we are both tired from a long trip, and my legs and back ache, you offer to cook and bring warm food with the cutest smile, I am all mushy and feeling so warm
  • You are so kind, warm and generous that I feel guilty for not missing Amma ( my Mom). I remember telling my mother in the early days of our marraige that he takes such good care of me, 10 times better than you do! ( she smilingly reminds me). That has NOT changed a bit, in fact your love has got stronger over the years...
  • When we cuddle up and watch a movie and there are loving scenes of happy families, happy tears well up in my eyes coz I have YOU!
  • You make everyday birthday and anniversary memorable for me, in fact you always remember all the dates and seem a lil hurt if it doesn't ring a bell!
  • Though we argue a lot about who loves each other more, I secretly revel in the fact that your actions speak louder than my words.
  • You were my strong PILLAR of strength during our tough times, holding me together when I was emotionally wrecked when in fact you were equally shattered. My rock-solid support in every sense!
  • You have indulged me with all my dreams and fantasies and more...
  • You are very romantic ( I never thought you would be!) and even written poetry for me, which i could actually understand
  • While my geography and topography sucks, you patiently teach me how to read maps and conduct impromptu geography quiz, I am amazed at your patience while I sulk or act high and mighty when you show me how to!
  • You revel in my little achievements and proudly proclaim to people about my creativity, cooking, home decor skills like a mother who is proud of her child!
  • Unlike most men I hear about, you keenly observe my clothes/jewellery and appreciate how smart or pretty I look and it makes me all confident!
  • We are a perfect example of 'Opposites attract' and we complement each other perfectly!
  • You always manage to bring a smile on my face, whether I am upset or sad or generally 'blink' as you call it.
  • I like the fact that you know what I am thinking or going to say without uttering a word, which makes me very predictable, you say!
  • I like the tickling sessions and the way we play like kids with each other, laughing silly and enjoying ourselves like we have no care in the world...
  • Above everything else, you are my best friend with whom I can just about say anything without being judged, knowing fully well that you understand me better than I do, sometimes!
These are just a few of my favourite things about you :-) ....most of all, I see a big change in you....I see so much of me in you now...and would like to think you see a bit of you in me!

Dear S, I am so glad we are following our tradition of nice, fun and romantic holidays this year too. I am so excited about out trip to Austria/Prague this year, albeit in August, its 2 weeks of just you and me!! How awesome can life be? ;-) I wish you on my blog too so that as we grow old together, we can look back with good memories and smiles...and it's a constant reminder of how lucky i am to have you!

I hope and pray we constantly compete with each other about who loves each other more...every year, our bond gets stronger....Happy Anniversary, my darling S!! :)