Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Yet again, we move!

...As we are moving to a new country (Hong Kong, this time) yet again, I think about how your life can change radically in a second - your home, your circle of friends, your "comfort zone"...but like C mentioned, your "comfort zone" expands and multiplies manifold.

I ponder over what an amazing time we had in Paris the last time we moved from familiar surroundings and the most amazing thing - Baby Girl happened to us there! Unlike a majority of people who detest change, I welcome change. Change for me, has always been positive( I am also someone who only remembers the positives, somehow the negatives don't stay in my mind!) and even if I welcome it initially with a little bit of anxiety and trepidation yet hopeful - all's well in the end. :) 

I strongly believe that if you think change is for the better - it will be. When you think positively, you attract positive vibes. Good thoughts and optimism always work, not immediately but it all works out in the end. 

I am looking forward to the new friends we will make, new places we will travel, new people we will begin to love and be loved, new culture, new cuisines...I love the smell of "new" which will slowly become something I am familiar with...I am waiting to adapt like a fish does to water, to sink into the new place and make a new home, in addition to all the other homes we have nurtured with love. 

Baby Girl turns four this August. She is a very lucky child. We have consciously stayed away from celebrating her birthday with huge parties until she asks for one. Instead, we have been exposing her to love travel, meeting new people, cultures and to develop an interest in wanderlust which we both believe is far more nurturing, and a practical way to experience all the goodness of life. 

Except for the first year, when she was still too young to travel - she has been to Andaman when she turned 2, Srilanka when she turned 3 and when she turns 4 - she will go to a new country as well! I hope she travels to all the beautiful places in the world and we can all have great memories together every birthday! Let's hope God agrees and helps us fulfill our plans too. Our birthday surprise for her, this year is a trip to Disneyland in Hong Kong! I know, she is indeed a lucky little munchkin.

So we did a recce to HK before the actual move and I must say I had minimum expectations and also went with a lot of trepidation. But it was a really pleasant surprise and it quashed all my pre-conceived notions. An extremely beautiful place with friendly people, very organized and I got a good vibe! 

Do think of us in your prayers and I pray to God to be healthy, happy and spread happiness in our new home, literally!