Thursday, March 19, 2015

State of Mind!

I look through the archives and I notice that I have a lot to say and I have been thinking too much...or been bothered about something at some point or the other! I am now in a silent space - there is no noise in my head - there is a calm silence, contentment and a tranquil space.

When I think about it, I think it's maturity coupled with an acquired ability to prioritize what really matters. I must also admit that God has blessed me in every way possible and I am very thankful for all the big and little things in my life, they did not come easily. But then, if things do come easily, I doubt I would value it as much...a hard lesson learnt, an important one at that! 

I realize that I have begun to just "let it go". Let go of negativity, anger, expectations, forget ( forgiving does not come easily to me!), bitterness, basically leave no space for any negative space in my mind or heart. It was really difficult to get to this point but once I did...I felt so relieved and much lighter. Like a heavy weight was lifted off me. It feels good. I am happy I did that and if it has helped mend bridges, why not? I am in a contented and happy place...isn't that the best place to be in? :-) 

I have learnt over a period of time that all of us, including me, are more often than not, focused on pleasing others and fit into the "standards" set by others and it does not always work for every we are all on our individual journeys. I have come to a point where I feel as long as my conscience is clear and I am not hurting anyone's feelings ( this is very important for me!)....and if it makes me happy...i will do it. PERIOD.
It is an easier life, with less conflicts and an ability to feel happy at the smallest things and most importantly, acknowledge and count your blessings!