Thursday, March 29, 2007

As a kid...

  1. If I ate oranges and swallowed the seeds by mistake, I would not drink water...I was scared that it would grow into plants in my stomach ( thanks to my brother's threats!)

  2. My dad is the tallest and strongest man in the whold wide world ( My Daddy Strongest!)

  3. When I am all grown up, I can wear high heels, have long painted nails and wear duppattas...and it was a big deal for me! ( now I know its no big deal and doesnt even matter!)

  4. I wanted to marry a guy who has a factory of chocolates or icecreams or both ( S is sooooo much better than even chocolates and icecreams)

  5. If you are naughty and behave badly, god curses you with babies ( actually, God blesses you with babies! :D)

  6. when I attained puberty, I thought I had cancer ( talk about ignorance!)

  7. I would rant and rave that I wanted to wear lipstick when we would go for weddings. ...and refuse to eat or close my mouth, so that it does't wear off!! ( Amma had a tough time convincing me to eat!)

  8. I would look at Amma longingly, getting ready to go to work, all dressed up....and I could'nt wait to start working!!! (Little did I know...)

  9. I would want to have a little brother/sister....on the condition that s/he never grows up and remains a baby forever...(yeah, right!!!)

  10. I hated my brother and thought he was such a bully, like a lot of other people ( he is such a wonderful guy!! :D Love you, anna!)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Feeling Happy.... :-)

Feeling very happy for no reason today!...of course, S is back tomorrow :D He is my like my 'home sweet home', the love of my life...I know , I know, off late all my posts have been about S and I sound like a love-sick puppy!!! :-) Well, once he is back, I will get back to other things...he he..till then bear with me!!

Just a while ago, was talking to my mom and was telling her I feel like I am enlightened nowadays, I don't really bother about trivial things, they don't really bother me much anymore. I have realized and decided to focus on the 'larger picture'. Though, it sounds cliched, I have understood that in pursuit of satisfying unimportant things in life, I tend to miss the present and the blessings I have in various forms. God! I wholeheartedly thank you for everything you have given me so far in life. I feel contented!!

I am listening to some wonderful music, and feeling very upbeat and can't stop smiling!!! :-) Infact, am dancing as I write this post! Music is such a wonderful thing that can make you so happy or comfort you when you are feeling restless,isnt it?? I wish I could bring that kind of happiness to the people I love!!!

Life is so wonderful, with all its ups and downs, indeed...its wonderful!!! :D

Friday, March 23, 2007


My life is filled with good as well as bad everyone else!! Depending on my mood, I choose to mull over the past. I have come a long way, in every sense - physically, emotionally and personality-wise.

I understand my parents and value them much much more than I used to...Being a parent is a selfless act and my Amma/Appa have been the most wonderful , giving parents in every sense. I think, I will always be their little girl. Sometimes, I do say "I am not a kid anymore..." but I definitely look up to them for their unconditional love and support. My heart goes out to kids who have lost both or one of their parents in their early years. I can't imagine my life without my parents. Lots of people comment on my good upbringing, confidence and personality. I silently thank my parents for instilling that confidence in me....Appa is very proud of his little girl, he says and Amma goes through the same excitement and joy like I do, sad at all my tribulations.....I love you with all my heart, AMMA and APPA! :-)..I wish I could be as selfless and as giving as you are!!! Words do not suffice to express what I feel for you...its difficult to explain how i feel about you at a loss of words

I had an interesting conversation with shyamala yesterday when we were talking about my SRM days ( my first job!). Work was like a picnic for me and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the attention from all the guys too ( we were like, 'the one-eyed man is the king of the blind!). When you are young (read stupid) superficial things in life give more happiness and a sense of personal gratification. I liked that phase too..

I believe in enjoying every phase in life. I don't want to look back, i have no regrets. College, school, first job were all different phases and were nice. Married life, new people, new surroundings, new outlook, maturity are all recent developments and I really like this phase too...

'Change is the only constant in life'

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Inspired 2 Blog!

Tess introduced me to the concept of blogging a few years back when I was in HP...and I got hooked on to it and would read a lot of blogs then, when I wanted a break or something from work! ....

Then, I started my own blog ( verbalism best expressed!) with the intention of improving my language and better communication, and now surprisingly, its my profession and for the nth time I am saying this, I LOVE it!

When I read my ex-manager, Anu's blog I realized its a wonderful medium to reminisce your fond memories about your loved ones. She would write entries about her little daughter and her precious memories with her child everyday! It was a joy to read her experience as a mother! Raaga writes her experiences as a single working woman in different cities, which is interesting too, especially for me, coz I have absolutely no idea how it is like...Also, when you read shyamala describe her childhood, you think "Hey! I did that too, or felt that way.." Lipstick is quite outspoken and has strong views, very poetic too...I learnt a new word from ritu's blog...vivify!!!! It has a good meaning....Its a whole new world here....and you feel like you are part of the same family, dont mean to sound cliched.... ( you know what I mean...) what i have mentioned here are just a few blogs, from the numerous ones I enjoy reading...

I like to write or express my thoughts here, so that some day I can look back and smile or ponder...cheers to blogging!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Something I learnt today...

I learnt that when you expect the worst from something, it might end up being a good thing, after all !!! Today, I had an interesting what sense, you ask? well, I have taken up a new job in a new company and I had already made up my mind about the office and how I would have to cope with everything there....

But, surprisingly, the office is pretty good, people are really nice and the work is interesting too. I really enjoyed my time working and I realised it was not at all bad, after all!!! and didnt miss S too much like I usually do!!!

I know that 'Happiness is a state of mind' , and to hell with learn to find happiness within you and all that crap! Right now, my happy moments definitely start, if not end with S .I cant imagine how life would have been without my man! ! Yup! he is MY man! I sound possessive?? I care a damn, if i do! There are times, he does things that bring a lump in my throat. He has been my biggest strength in the worst of times, always smiling and my pillar of strength. Though, i hate to admit it, I am far more independent now, thanks to him. He has goaded me time and again, to be brave and not to deter! There are no words to describe what I feel for him.

I have been very angry with God for a certain incident in my life that i will carry to my grave. But, I cant thank you enough GOD for S! I love you with all heart, and like you always say "I love and accept you as you are and as you are not.." unconditionally, just like you do!

Monday, March 12, 2007

My appy Birthday!!!

I had the most wonderful birthday as ever...S was supposed to be travelling abroad the day before my birthday, and I was quite gloomy that he wont be there to spend it with me,but surprise, surprise!!! He was there with me the entire weekend "Princess Weekend"....all my wishes would come true and we did everything I wanted to do...

I got diamonds for my birthday which was a whooping surprise, and my finger is gleaming with it....

S is leaving today in the evening....and I shall wait in anticipation for his return!! Like these lyrics in the lovely song sung by Sona!

abhi nahi aana, sajna....abhi nahi aana...sajna!
mohe thoda marne de....intezaar karne de...

This time, some new friends wished me on my birthday....I had a wonderful day and I look forward to such good things this year!!! :-)


I am in-between jobs right now and have been attending interviews here and there...I am appalled at the kind of questions people ask, in their 'so called' rounds. In on of the interviews,she introduces herself as someone from recruitments, and chats me up for some time. I have an affable smile on my face and speak to her as cordially as possible. .....And then she goes, " So you have been married for 4 years now, so you will be keen to start a family, when do you plan to have a baby?? You know how girls are nowadays, either they get married or get are you going to tell me you are pregnant next month??".I want to scream out "That's none of your business!!!!" I dont want her to think i am insane or hysterical, so with great difficulty and a straight face, I try to smile and say "Dont you think you are getting too personal?" Dont get me wrong, am not being presumptuous here. I do understand that women have such personal commitments, and it can get difficult for the company to go through the whole recruitment rigamarole...but that doesnt mean you have the right to ask me blatant personal questions, and trivialise motherhood. Would you stay single and devote yourself to your current job for the rest of your life? If you would do that, its up to what you want..rather, get a life!! :D ( btw, this topic alone continued for about 20 minutes...she asked me the same question in different ways!!!) This company works on saturdays, something I was not comfortable with...coz I have never worked on Saturdays so far...and will need to do a lot of adjusting in my personal life. So I had asked them if they are flexible about saturdays and if there is an option of working from home. This was something I had asked in the earlier round, so in the final round, one of the questions, the lady asks is that " You dont seem to be comfortable working on saturdays, so how can I be assured of 100 % commitment from you....wont you be thinking about your husband?" I wanted to laugh out loud. But I calmly answered that all of us are mature enough to balance our personal and professional lives well. Considering, I decide to take up this position, I am well aware of the Saturday-working part and would give my 100 % and work accordingly. ( I was thinking to myself, so does that mean that I wont think about my husband on other days!! Are you lost for a topic, or are you really being serious?? :D) A friend of mine was telling me that married women have been asked to certify that they are not pregnant at the time of joining their company. WHOA!!!!!! I am not a feminist in any sense, but what do you mean???? Single women will get married some time, married women will have kids sometime....does it mean it is the end of the world, in terms of their career?? It is a natural progression and even you wouldnt be here if your mom thought so! So quit being so silly and create an enviroment that truly provides fair and equal opportunity to both men as well as women. People are very funny and I am not really amused. I really hope I dont have to go through even more interesting conversations further...

BTW, I did'nt get that job, but I am joining somewhere else in a couple of days!! :-)

Monday, March 5, 2007

In a state of flux!!!

Weekend was very eventful, at the same time relaxed??!! confused?? so am I! I am absolutely in a state of flux, about what is ideal? I am waiting to see a lot of things settle down!! :-) So that i can move on confidently sans worries....

Had an interesting conversation with S, when we both went for a long drive ,late at night on a whim about forgiving they say, "To err is human, to forgive is divine". Well, I am definitely human!!! I can forget easily...forgiving is way too far!!!