Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Elusive Secret to Successful Relationships!

I am in no way a expert on relationships...however, when my friends talk to me about their failed relationships or ask me how I handle mine....I do share my thoughts. I was very young and naive when I met S but i think it worked to my advantage. I was not too exposed to the world and I really had no expectations when we got together, really. I remember vividly just wanting someone taller than me. I have always been attracted to tall men. that's all I thought my case, I am lucky that I did find a tall guy. It made me so happy then.

Cut to the present, as I see relationships crumble around me or observe my friends struggle to get on with their partner...I feel like they expect too much from their husbands or vice versa and some of them are really very unrealistic. S and I do not look at each other as a "magical solution" to the dread or melancholy in this world. He is just another human being, just like me - but we share similar dreams, similar values and also want to travel extensively - be happy, healthy and be good human beings and raise our daughter to be a great human being as well. This does not mean we are two peas in a pod either! We have different tastes in music, food and its absolutely fine. We have both learnt to appreciate the other's taste - at least give it a try. we have acquired some of each other's tastes. We give each other some space to have some "me - time" alongside each other or some time apart. 

I am a contribting guest author on and this* article sums up what I genuinely feel. Of course, who does not enjoy romance in their life? I totally do and we have our moments. But I am also aware that he cannot miraculously change my life or vice versa. we have to be realistic, work on our dreams and our relationship together. We work together as we regard each other our best friend. It is the reason why even after 14 years together, we have so much to talk about, with each other. We have created this safe haven between ourselves where we both feel comfortable to share, say, dream, articulate or blabber anything and everything to each other. 

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