Friday, November 9, 2012

My Little Miss Congeniality!

...Baby Girl is wide awake, I have been rocking her for ONLY a couple of hours in my arms and she continues to stare at me... :-) Both of us enjoy the silence and look at each other and the lovely lights of the Eiffel Tower...I can't help but remember the time when I was pregnant and unable to sleep, I would sit in the living room and worry about whether everything will work out fine and if I will have the darling baby safely in my arms? ...and now, here she is...calm and serenity body and arms are tired, my eyes droop sleepily...and she gives me a BIG SMILE! Just like that....I am all energized and savor this lovely moment...and in just another 5 minutes, she is fast asleep, holding on to my fingers in her hands! :D

I wonder how my daughter can be such a morning person, I most definitely am NOT! ...On most days, I check her crib to see if she is awake...and there she is, smiling at her toys , enjoying the colors all around her, playing by herself without a whimper...and she looks at me and gives me a big smile to say " Hi Amma, Good morning?" and sometimes will even chuckle when I make funny noises to make her laugh! (Of course, on some days, she may cry - but it could be hunger or that she did a big job or bad dreams!)

Baby Girl is the most cheerful baby I have ever seen...often, she smiles at even strangers, at the hospital, visitors she is seeing for the first time, her Amma, Appa, Athai, Anna, Patti...anyone and everyone!...and its not gas! She actually recognizes and smiles genuinely at you! Its the most gorgeous smile...

I have a horrible toothache right now and its simply unbearable. I am crying in agony and fervently trying to get a dentist appointment....while I try to explain, I am in tears....she smiles at me, a big if to say, I will be alright ( Who is the baby?)!...and I can't help thinking what a wonder my Little Miss Congeniality is! I fervently thank God for our little blessing! :-)