Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Accessorizing intelligence!

I love wearing different accessories and I feel it adds zing to your personality. Now that winter is here to stay, I wear dark colours and full sleeved sweaters and tops, and long chains, necklaces and pendants add some colour to a plain garment! Remember that the focus is on the chain or necklace that makes a "statement", which means you have to tone down on everything else! :)

I have noticed these cute "owl pendants" a lot on many fashionable women....but they  all looked the same, and I didn't want to be added to the common crowd! 

But one afternoon, before work, I planned to meet a friend for quick catch-up and some coffee. I arrived early at our meeting point, so I browsed around and found these lovely statement necklaces AND they were on sale ( only the one with the pearls was a bargain)!

The owl pendant in a crystal is something I have never seen, and it was really unique, pretty and MINE! Bien sûr, it has to be!  Right?

I wore it to work and my colleague made a comment that its a symbolic representation of intelligence and knowledge in Greek mythology! :) I was intrigued and googled it to find that its absolutely cool is that?

It reads that in Greek mythology, the owl, and specifically the Little Owl, was often associated with the Greek goddess Athena, a bird goddess who often assumed the form of an owl. Athena was also the goddess of wisdom, the Arts, and skills, and as a result, owls also became symbols of teaching and of institutions of learning, being included in the crest of arms of many universities. In the Western world, owls continue to be traditionally associated with wisdom. They are the unofficial mascot of the high-IQ...

I have a big stand that holds a variety of these statement necklaces now, and they do make any dull garment interesting and make me all charged up as well...who needs diamonds and rubies? :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Itching to be creative...

I miss working on glass painting that I used to freely work on - one after the other, back in India! In Paris, I am not sure where I can get slabs of glass from...Anyway, this weekend, S and I were busy rearranging the furniture, cleaning and clearing all the clutter from the busy weeks we had....when I found a pile of pebbles I collected from NICE, in the south of France!

I coloured each pebble in a vibrant colour and put them together in this clay Uruli, Amma gifted me when she came to Pune! :)

Its difficult to grow plants as its winter, but I don't give up! Actually, the coriander-hoarder in me does not give I built a space on the balcony around the colourful pebbles. I have loads of little coloured pebbles and small knick-knacks that I have collected over the years...and never really get rid of!

...Slowly, I added the Rajasthani men too....along with the christmas pinecones!

....and now I have something to cheer me I look along outside, with a gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower and sip coffee, read a book or talk to S!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wrought Iron Accents!

I love anything in Wrought Iron...I feel it adds a unique charm to any space and has a nice contemporary feel to it too. Some time back, when I scoured through every home store in Paris for a dressing table for a "budget", I came back with this...though it was slightly expensive! :) I never disappoint the shop owner....:P

It gives a nice earthly feel to that corner of my home, and I think it can look nice, wherever we move too! :) I am sort of confined, in terms of space here in Paris as compared to our own spacious home, back "home"! Not that it stops me from working on improvisations!

I saw some lovely wall sculptures and wall hooks, and some amazing ideas - just need another room! :D To give you an example, I am loving this...very unique and "inspirational", yet modern!

(Picture courtesy:
If you live in the U.S, you should definitely look it up, I was browsing online and found them! They have an amazing collection of everything under the sun in iron! :), I am not being paid to plug this in...I genuinely feel its a great site with some interesting products to offer...

P.S - The wall clock is a lovely gift for S from his team in India, when we came to Paris and the twin tower hanging is ....from Prague, duh! :) Our memorabilia from that lovely mystical place that did not disappoint one bit! We are very blessed to see so much beauty in our lives! Truly!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Obsessive Compulsive Organizing - OCO!

Being married to S, has brought a big change in me...and that is, from being someone not too organized, I have become obsessed with organizing and keeping everything in order! Be it my clothes, accessories or maquillage! ;)

For a long time now, I have been looking for a proper dressing table coz all my costume jewellery, skin care stuff, my precious make up and everything else is scattered in the bathroom, bedroom and in every nook and corner possible! I wanted it all in one place, and where I can actually find things when I want to wear something!  

I searched for a dressing table everywhere and it was either too expensive, too big or not something I was looking for! Finally, S came up with this brilliant idea to combine this that I already have, buy a similar storage unit, and simply combine it - it totally worked! Everything fits into it. And the bonus is that, it looks colourful, feminine and really MY style! :) As I blog about it, I realize it has gone through many improvisations! It worked out financially too well...coz it was really inexpensive and hence we are in consumer surplus status! :D

The quirky stool was something I bought on a whim, but it fits really well with the entire setup now. Isn't it cute?

I have looked heaven and earth to find a suitable stand for all my earrings! Finally, I found this on and the cosmetic-jewellery-junkie in me, is finally at peace! :D They take at least 3 weeks to deliver, but I was sold out on the free shipping policy and the fact that the prices are bloody cheap.

The rate at which I am buying Buddha figurines, our home will soon be called "The Buddha Home", coz including this one we have 3 already!

On our weekend trip to Bruges of all places, we found this epitome of calm and tranquility in Belgium! The texture of the stone is unique and the facial expression is of utmost importance to me. S loved it too and I promised that I would lug it around wherever we go, but I WANT it! :)

I am loving the fact that peace and calm reigns in every corner of our home now, literally and figuratively! Can you feel it too? :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mixing and Matching Fashionably!

You can never have enough of clothes or shoes, right? Right! But sometimes, I have too many things unused and some of my favorite pieces get lost in all the excess! So I decided  to mix it up and wear things differently. 
Anyway, here's what I do, so that I can "maximize the potential and value" of my clothes and persona! ;)

I bought these really inexpensive singlets in the U.K in fiery red and a mellow biege, which I pair with this sort of translucent top with sleeves, and it gives it a nice retro vibe and spices the top!
I also picked up these skirts in cotton and knits to use them in summer and winters respecitvely, that look great when paired with flip flops or boots, depending on the season!

Cargo skirts are apparently in vogue, I didn't even realize I had picked one until I saw one in Vogue later ;) The "cargo" tag comes from the fact that the skirt has large pockets on either side of the skirt. (not clearly seen in the picture!)

With stockings or leggings, they make a style statement in winters! I am very fond of waist coats and tend to pair them with a plain simple top. It not only adds pizzazz to an otherwise boring sweater, but also adds warmth in the cold! By combining different garments to make different outfits, you can also save space during travel.

Cowl neck tops double up as a top and as a scarf during winter! I bought this top with the same idea, however it turned out to be a short one! 

So I wore it with a sweater and again, here's an interesting way to mix n match and "maxi" mize! So you can give the scarf or stole a miss, and in this case, black and white is monochromatic and goes well with almost all dark colors! I paired it with a pencil skirt and dialled down on the "formal" tone.