Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas and Winter in Paris!

I am so glad and blessed that I live in Paris and can see the most spectacular views from my living often as I say it, I don't seem to be convinced that its true!

Winter has set in, and my long time dream of witnessing snow came true last year! This year I act like I see snow and experience winter all the time!! ;) We came back from all the sunshine in India to a heavily snowing Paris...the apartment was ice cold and it took us a few minutes to warm ourselves as well as our home! But once we settled down, the snowflakes falling....the misty steaming cups of coffee....and the satisfaction of returning to your own 'Home Sweet Home'....its an emotion that can't be described or explained easily as I felt it...

I love Christmas and especially New Year's for a lot of reasons - it brings hope of course, apart from that all the cutesy Christmas decorations, wreaths, pinecones....they are so classy and so not over-the-top, yet festive! I love it and I was very keen on decorating our home before we left on our vacation to India! I managed to click some pictures after we got back...

The blue charm in the middle is an evil-eye remover that we bought in Greece last year! Buri nazar waalon, tera muh kaala types!

I bought these colorful cloth balls in a string and hung these gold-dusted pinecones with a invisible wires used on badminton rackets and voila! they look like they are hanging in thin air! Well, at least I like to think they do...

...and I just love wreaths and it actually has an interesting significance to it too. It is said that in Eastern Europe, people used to illuminate wreaths made of evergreen leaves in winters, with the belief that it would bring spring and sunshine...Last year, before I could buy one, it all went out of stock! I did'nt want to miss it this year I hurried to buy one!

So, we are all prepared for the New Year's with a lot of hope, cheer and happiness! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a new year filled with loads of love, happiness, success and prosperity!

Monday, December 13, 2010


...coz I am holidaying in India, to be specific in Pondicherry! For the first
time, I am embracing the sun and the heat with open arms after the numbing cold winters in Paris (I will go back to all the snow soon)...

Down South, people head to Pondy just as people head to Goa in the West! I found a really cute jumpsuit for a song here, thanks to my brother's superior bargaining skills. Knowing me, I am thoroughly enjoying the shopping, sun, beaches, love, laughter, happiness and all the shopping!!! Did I say that already? ;)

Jumpsuits are really cool, casual and are best paired with a tight-fitting top! This black jumpsuit in cotton takes the cake!!