Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our own little world!

My whole world has changed since Baby Girl arrived, in a good way! ....and I can never say it enough! 

I took a break from work after baby girl as I wanted to see her grow up and enjoy the nascent phase with her. I did it for myself, i wanted to be right there, for all her milestones and totally enjoy being with her. I know that she will not be a little girl again! 
Of course, she clings to me naturally, like everyone of us who want their mother all the time! I still do...

Since we returned to India, S's job requires that he travel ever so often. As a result, its just us on weekdays ( thankfully, he is back on weekends, and insists that its a temporary thing!). So we have our little routine everyday, our playtime, our "rituals" and I am so busy playing with her or learning to deal with her tantrums( oh yeah!) that there is no time to think about anything or anyone but Baby GIrl! We are in our little world entwined, engrossed and totally content with each other. 

I have visually imagined this scenario in my mind, a million times. I see her peacefully sleep and as I watch her profile, I remember breaking my head wondering how she would look, while anxiously looking at her scans in the lab during my pregnancy days. But nothing matches the miracle or the reality that she is! She is an angel, a million rays of sunshine who drives me nuts sometimes! :P

Being a mother has enriched me in so many more ways than I could have ever imagined! Right now, I am happy in my own little world, after all I have an angel for company! My little cherub! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Smitten, totally smitten!

I don't follow fashion too closely or buy anything and everything in vogue. But I do like to keep a watch on all the pretty stuff in trend and one of them that has grabbed my EYEBALLS with their stunning designs - AMRAPALI JEWELLERY!

Almost every celebrity dons it and every single design is stunning - classic, quirky or a forever-design- they come in all categories! So for my birthday this time, S surprised me with some striking unique pieces from Amrapali!

Here's a striking knuckle ring, that I think is not just unique, but a classic piece too!

I imagine, it would suffice if worn just as a single piece, with all the attention towards it - very aptly too! The fact that I have long fingers help! I can't wait to be invited for a wedding soon...anyone getting married? :)

S always makes it a point to buy complete gifts - so he also got me a contemporary spike pendant - though its not a goth-sorta piece - it is elegant yet spunky, in my opinion. 

The breakfast table that the jewellery sits on, is an improvised version. A DIY idea inspired me to work on our simple glass table into this. I stuck all the coppery 1,2 and 5 cents from France to make this! 

what do you think? :P

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I love...

- the smell of fresh earth right after it rains....mannvaasanai

- a beautiful morning, a cup of tea and a few minutes of solitude

- watching baby girl cuddle with S, there is so much love in that visual

- thayir sadam and urulakizhangu roast ( curd rice and roast potatoes)

- nowadays....a relaxing long massage

- anything new - a haircut, a dress, jewellery, something for the house, anything!

- lying down on Amma's lap

- tight hugs and numerous kisses from baby girl

- myriad expressions of baby girl - mischief, glee, joy, laughter, serene,introspective ( yes, introspective!)

- a great book, especially gripping ones that are un-put-downable

- freshly manicured nails with interesting nail colors

- a clean, uncluttered and spotless home

- a relaxed Sunday morning, with no agenda, newspaper in hand and a sumptuous breakfast no particular order!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I am a B+ sort of a person now!

"Don't expect to see positive changes in your life, if you surround yourself with negative people" - I read this somewhere and analyzed my associations very keenly some time back and acted on it. I realized that I get bogged down by other's judgement, opinions and criticism and after a long introspection, it dawned on me that its more about them, it was not me. It was their insecurity, jealousy and envy that brought about all those negative vibes. 

There is nothing much I can do about others. But I can definitely work on myself, my attitude and the way I think. So I began to ruthlessly ignore these people or what they thought of me. IT DOES NOT MATTER. Yes, I can be a better person, without reacting, with silence, and work towards it on my own terms - not based on what other's expect of me. It is not easy - its difficult to turn a deaf ear to hypocrisy, pretense, fake praises, especially jekyl and hyde kind of people, I really began to avoid! 

S is a non-confrontational kind of a person while I confront head on! I always believed that when you confront and talk it out, the problem gets solved. It does get solved, when the other is also ready and wanting to find a solution! So, when there arises a conflict with such insecurity, it is often a never-ending quicksand! It is better to keep silent and be a spectator. Let time run its course...confrontations and communication do not always work! 

You can be hurt, only if you allow yourself to be hurt - i would hear this from S all the time, through my married years. I will not allow anymore. PERIOD. More power to ME!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Babe in Paradise! little munchkin having fun at the beach - Havelock Island, Andamaans!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Old habits die hard!

...Blogging is an old habit and I want to ensure it remains live and kicking! After Baby Girl joyously came into our lives, everything and everyone else has taken a backseat, including the blog! I was pleasantly surprised to receive messages from friends and family that they miss reading my blog...So here I am, taking baby steps - making a "comeback of sorts" on the blog now that I have some time on my hands - some "me-time"!

How have I been? Busy....busy...romba busssyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Life has changed radically and I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Baby Girl. Of course, there are days when she drives me up the wall! Mostly, we are having fun, happy, joyous and totally content. Touch wood. I have become a very patient, saint-like mother, which is probably next to impossible - if you know me personally! BUT I am! :) I have heard Amma tell me very often, when you have your own daughter - you will understand! ...I do NOW!

I am discovering so many qualities about me that I had no idea I possessed...some good, some not-so-good...strength ( both physical and emotional), empathy, excellent time management, multitasking to paranoia, temperamental outbursts ( lack of sleep and tiredness!). 

In my humble opinion, the purity, innocence, simplicity and the unadulterated love and adulation you receive from a child/baby - is something every individual must experience, it is pure joy and more than anything else, makes you want to be a better person - a better version of who you already are - if that makes sense! Having said that, I strongly feel being a parent is for everyone! Its a huge responsibility and definitely requires you to be selfless, to always put someone else before you. It does not come easily. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

My Jhumki Jhumka Collection!

Jhumkis are a classic, just like sarees...they never go out of style!
Amma had a major crush on Jhimkis or Jhumkas ( down south it is Jhimki and in the North it is referred to as Jhumkas - they are basically the same!)...but she could not afford them when she was a young woman when she could afford them....she bought one too many for me and I had many variants since childhood - but didnt have a fancy for them whatsoever!
Years passed by, and Amma's fascination has caught on, it is right on trend...and it definitely suits my big face! I have enough variations in gold, 1gm gold, lac, silver, gemstones, temple jewellery, different name it...and I have it! :-) I am hoping to pass them on to Baby A - well, if she doesn't care for them, like Amma would say "One day, you will beg me to give it to will she!" ;-)

These are my first jhimkis....the one's my parents gave me as part of my wedding jewellery in gold. They are classic south indian style jewellery and I have a piece that reflects my roots down south!
...these are called "temple jewellery" and are often worn in south indian weddings and for dance performances as well....they are very flattering on most faces! :-) I wore them for my wedding too! 
I bought these 1-gm gold jhumkas and wore them for Baby A's ayush's an affordable option that suits my pocket while looking as good as any gold jhumkis.
I have always been in love with kerala jewellery - i like bithe lovely designs - their maanga mala, big oversized jhumkis...this is a palakka style jhumki and oversized jhumkis are always in vogue...the fact they suit my equally big face is a plus!
Second to jhumkis, I love pearls or anything pearly for that matter...also, they add elegance to any outfit- be it a saree or any western formals!
I bought these to go with a contemporary red saree for my brother's wedding. I wanted something that would not be too overwhelming, considering the red saree is bright already - sort of monochrome-colored jhumkis!
Oxidized jewellery/costume jewellery for everyday use, to be paired with kurtas and kurtis.
I love turquoise and anything blue or turquoise-y! ...I loved these coz they are a good mix of modern look with traditional elements, especially in a jhumki!
Unlike my usual self, I have worn all of these at some point in time - casual, everyday, important events, to work....everywhere! How do you like my collection? I plan to expand this time goes by.