Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Public display of affection!

In the Facebook and e-mail age of birthday wishes, it is very rare to get 'physical' I am enjoying the attention while I can! There is no greater joy than reading a 'physical mail' or a card or even a lil note on a post-it! Don't you agree?

I have all the birthday or anniversary cards stashed away and once in a while, take it all out and have a look. It makes me very happy. So I thought, why not cheer myself up every once in a while, I glance at this white cupboard that seems kind of bare? I am liking it coz I smile at every glance! :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Making all the right choices!

How can I go anywhere and not bring something for our home? I got a bunch of yellow, blue and purple-colored tulips from Amsterdam to match the blue-themed decor at home which began with the blue carpet and all the Van Gogh paintings at home...

I just googled about the significance of each color and to my pleasant surprise, I made all the right choices. Yellow tulips symbolize happiness in one's life while purple tulips stand for royalty (yeah, sounds about right!). Blue signifies tranquility and peace.

Maintenant, there is not only beauty, there is happiness, tranquility and peace and how can i forget?...AND a touch of royalty!!! Sounds fancy, eh?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am a girl's girl who likes shopping, Chick-lit movies, books while S is a guy's guy who likes video games, Formula One and gadgets. But there are a few things we have in common and if there is something we both definitely enjoy - C'est FRIENDS!

If you know me personally, you would know that I am an ardent fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, like many other similar-minded people I know! I have the entire series of DVDs at home ( courtesy S!)....and it never fails to cheer me up every single time! I guess its so easy to relate to each of the characters that makes it so enjoyable, be it their frustrations or misgivings about succeeding in Life, Men or having children or simply having fun together at each other's expense...I have often yearned to have a group like that, with whom you can just be yourself and also have fun together...when you don't always need to be on guard!

I don't think that its not entirely impossible either! I guess, we are always competing with each other to succeed in your career or you have a new relationship or you are in a different city or country or it could be just about anything that keeps you away from your close friends....and slowly, though you keep in touch on and off on drift apart! There are times when I meet someone for the first time and connect on so many levels or there is instant laughter that reminds me of the same bond I shared with a good friend some time back...which did'nt really continue forever, sadly!

Having said that, I can proudly say that I have a few people in my life with whom I can just share whatever I feel. I don't have to do a once-over before saying anything! ( I am sorry if people who don't follow FRIENDS can't relate to this...) but...there is an episode where Rachel and Pheobe share that how they are jealous about Monica's awesome relationship with Chandler on a scale of 80-20! They keep wondering if they will ever have someone like that in their life. I just loved it that the raw human emotion - jealousy, was portrayed so well....I could understand where they came from! Let's face it, we all feel jealous or envious at some point of time in life, including me! Its more of a fear if I will ever have that than jealousy or probably just insecurity.....I think! Its reassuring that I have a few friends (...and all these people know who I mean!) including Amma, to whom I can frankly say it out loud that I felt a negative emotion that time....and just vent! That's it...that chapter is over...sorta thing! ....

I am so glad that S and I are the best of friends! It really helps that I have a best friend for life, who will forever be with me and vice versa! I know it sounds cliche, but its true! Just the other day, on the Metro, I saw this really handsome guy, maybe 6-5"? ( I have a thing for tall men!) and after some time, he came and sat next to me and gave me a smile as I got down in my stop! I did a little jig in my mind! I came home and related this to S, while we both made dinner....and I did'nt even think twice what he would think or feel...coz I know he knows me! We feel very secure about each other and its absolutely fine to openly discuss and tease each other too!

Then it struck me, I may not have friends in the same format as is on the FRIENDS show, but the essence remains the same! Essentially, I have a few great friends who are non-judgemental, loving and always waiting and ready to pull a leg anytime! Of course, friends within the family is a BLESSING not many people have, now don't get jealous! ;-)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Commute on the Metro...

...It takes a little more than half-hour to reach place of work....and its an experience in itself every single day!

Initially, I found it really wierd that people ( especially Paris) are really morose, hardly ever smile and are generally grumpy.Now, I guess I have got used to it and find different ways to amuse myself, like looking at interesting shoes the women wear, hairstyles, fashionable (sometimes look ridiculous to me!) earrings, piercings....I can watch people like forever and not get bored. Of course, on most days good music and books give me company on the train. Anyway, one such day on the Metro filled with morose people, there was this beautiful baby with the most beautiful blue-grey eyes, laughing and gurgling away....the people in the train are so quiet and self-absorbed that her gurgles could be heard clearly.
I could see a tiny smile creep in....I got down with a smile!

In the Concorde, Opera and few other Metro stations, IKEA has come up with an innovative idea! In front of all big posters of IKEA, there are colorful couches installed and people just plop down in comfort, to the extent that they even miss the trains deliberately. I am tempted too but am always rushing to work at the last minute, so I can't stop like that. The couches bring a smile on my face too!
( Image courtesy:

A few days back, a blind person entered the train with this beautiful furry dog (guide-dog) just like Kaspar! The way he sat down with such an air of majesty and looked at me with his gorgeous eyes, my eyes welled up in tears. I surprised myself coz I grew up with a morbid fear of dogs and Kaspar has changed my attitude towards dogs. I look at them with the same affection with which I look at babies. Cats still creep me out and I miss Kaspar big time! I never thought I would feel this way...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amsterdam, you were gorgeous!

As you already know, I celebrated my 30th birthday and the weekend in Amsterdam! Contrary to what I have often heard about Amsterdam being more popular for its kinky sex shops and red light districts, I saw a more beautiful and amazing side of the city! Its like a dream to walk through the city, with its smiling and friendly people ( most important factor always!), beautiful canals, boat cruises,an absolutely wide variety of different towers I have ever seen....I could just go on! I felt I could'nt get enough of this city and actually wanted to go back another time, which is a first!

The weather was pretty chilly and windy so after a long day of wandering, the houseboat was a haven of warmth and comfort to unwind and relax every evening! I was pleasantly surprised to talk to the owner (Jan), who had travelled extensively all over India! I felt nice to be welcomed to flowers and cake ( courtesy S's preparations) and some good wine and a card from the owner! ( Though he speaks in English, the card was in Dutch)...a very sweet gesture, coz I am practically a stranger to him.

Amsterdam was full of surprises coz I do love to visit Museums but not for hours together! They had a unique concept for a Museum of Bags and Purses!!! I was definitely intrigued and told S that I was really excited about going there. The place did'nt disappoint one bit, every woman's dream come true! They have bags dating from the 15th and 16th century till date. It was really interesting to learn the history of Bags since the days of yore and how it has evolved over the years! ( you are not allowed to click pictures, so I just got the entrance to the Museum!). I definitely recommend it as a MUST visit when you go to Amsterdam!

Another MUST-visit was the gorgeous Diamond Museum, a woman's delight. I could'nt have enough of all the gorgeous glitter and sparkling diamonds everywhere. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that diamonds were first found only in India and also that 60 percent of tulips are found in the Himalayan regions in India! Ironically, Amsterdam is world renowned for tulips and diamonds and I have never seen Tulips anywhere in India - strange that! I swelled with pride when the 'History of Diamonds' began with this pride-inducing fact! My country is indeed blessed with so many wonderful things, pity we don't market it as well as the Western world. (Some beautiful tiaras and crowns to drool over!). Everwhere in the Museum walls, there were captions that read " Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" - so true!

I must add, a trip to Amsterdam was definitely a gorgeous way to turn 30! Thank you S!! I will always remember this birthday. Bring it on, I am gonna have so much fun in my 30's than the 20's, if this trip is any indication of what is in store for me...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Trente - 12 March 2010!

MY BIRTHDAY IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME. I imagine that I am royalty on that day and feel extremely special and get all excited. This year, I am all excited but the enthusiasm is a tad less. According to my own stupid definition "Anyone who is 30 or in the 30's is officially uncle/aunty". I didn't think too much about the fact that I would get older and 'qualify' in a couple of years or so! So if you are reasonably smart, you will understand that I'm 30 this year! Officially, I am no longer amongst the '20-something's. Sigh!

Normally, I don't bother a lot about how old I am or get upset if someone wants to know how old I am! ( Wierd that I have answered that question numerous times, here in Paris!). But this year, I think I am a little sad that I have turned 30! Bloody hell, I often wonder how my mom would feel, she has a 30-year old daughter!!! Enough of the ranting now, I guess. For sure, my energy, enthusiasm or zest for life will not change one bit! I am still going to have a lot of fun, right? Right!

So if I think about what has changed, I would like to think they are mostly good changes; For example, I think I have a better dress sense and a general idea of what suits me better! On a different note, when S and I were looking at pictures on the laptop; he commented "Look, how many different hair styles you have had over the years? " That sent a silent thrill through me, I felt wild! :D

I have colored my hair twice and got another piercing in my ear, something that I'd wanted to do for many years but couldn't because my parents strictly refused. I know it probably sounds silly to you but for me it was kind of liberating to experiment with my looks without having to worry about what my parents will say or feel. In fact, even now, if I'm going home, I make sure not to color or cut my hair! Silly me!

I have an excessive amount of clothes/bags/shoes/jewellery (more than I like to admit!) ...and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to hear that! That's it - you will never ever hear me say that again!! :D. Sometimes, I can't even remember when I bought something and I feel terrible for being so greedy, but that thought vanishes within seconds of walking across any shopping area or even in the vicinity of where I can lay my eyes on something, even from a distance!!

I have travelled to so many beautiful countries and am hoping the journey continues, with my dear S, of course! I have a proper fitness routine and am much fitter and stronger than I used to be.Most importantly, I may be older but am definitely more mature and wiser! I would like to think I have toned down my emotional side a little bit. I don't believe in altering my entire personality, for sure! I am not there yet, but I think I am a better person than I used to be...I have an awesome partner, family and a close group of friends who are much loved and love me more!

I don't believe in going back in time like a lot of people often want to or often say 'those were the days...golden days' and all that! I enjoy every phase and I am very happy where I am. I strongly believe it is is important to enjoy every phase as-is! So if I am 30 now, enjoy being 30 to the fullest replete with all the excitement and vigor! To a large extent, I am very happy where I am. I did'nt even dream of the life I live now. I have a wonderful life and I earnestly thank God for it. Of course, like everyone else, I have a few regrets but they are events that I had no control over.

In retrospect, I think God meant for it to happen for my own good coz he made sure I got here. I believe in him and have faith in him. I am sure he will make my wish come true when its the right time. He knows what is best for me. (sounds cryptic, i know - but this is more of a self-note!)

Last year, I spent my birthday in Paris (wooooohoooo!) AND the entire evening at the Eiffel Tower! Tres Tres romantique! This year, S has rented an awesome houseboat ( check the awesome place here - for us and we are spending the entire weekend after in Amsterdam! It was supposed to be a surprise for me, except now that I have started working, he had to tell me so that I could inform people at work!! I hope Amsterdam makes me forget I am 30! I am sorry I can't stop whining! I will definitely post pictures of the magical Amsterdam here and here!

P.S - Turning 30 is not so bad at all!!! Coz I got DIAMONDS!!!! My darling S sure knows how to cheer me up ;-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Emotional Makeover in Progress - Part II?

Further to this , I would like to think I am evolving as a person. I have begun to stop making spot-judgements about people. I have learnt over time that they are not like what they seem to be. If I met someone and assumed that they were rude and arrogant coz they did'nt smile much or talk much; I have always been proved wrong. They have become good friends who helped me out with kindness and smiled a lot more indeed; except they needed to know I can be trusted or warm up to me. I guess it took me some time to understand that people are cautious and take their time to know you or trust you completely. Unlike me - I trust every single person very quickly and Ouch! My blind trust has hurt me so many times that I can't even count. Lesson learnt. Be cautious and take your time to trust anyone. Do not make spot-judgements. PERIOD.

I have also learnt another important lesson. It takes a lot of dignity to remain silent and though it may seem ludicrous to be silent at that point, believe you me, there is indeed dignity in silence. As they say " Barking dogs seldom bite". For someone like me, who thinks its very important to express or say what you feel and to remain silent is blasphemy??!! BUT, sometimes, its better to remain silent than waste your time, effort and feelings retaliating! Tough - but its got to be done! Life's beautiful but people are'nt easy, you know? I don't mean to sound sexist or anything and I say this purely from personal experience that its easier to talk to men. It's not so stressful and you don't always have to be extra careful about what you say and how it can be interpreted. I do have a few awesome girlfriends; except it took me a few wrong people ( read friends) to get to them! You have to meet a few wrong men before you can appreciate "the right one" is true of friendships too!

Someone once told me that the best way to deal with any conflict within you or to control anger or disappointment is to look at yourself as a spectator and simply experience and accept any emotion you feel; be it anger, disappointment, joy or happiness. I remember flashing my trademark 'what-else-can-i-do smile and thinking to myself "Yeah right! That's easier said than done!"

In retrospect, as I type this post, I realize that's what I am doing. I am analyzing the changes in me over a period of time as if i would analyse a third person! It is also about acceptance and adjustments. I guess I am learning to be "street-smart"!

P.S - Do hop on to my photoblog, which is something my brother and I are working on jointly! Something we can both connect....your feedback is very much appreciated!