Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Indian Fashion, this time!

I have been away for quite some time, for good reason! I was in India celebrating my brother's wedding. I did most of my shopping and research for the clothes, jewellery and such like online so that we could focus on my brother's shopping when we got to India! While most of my friends and my folks were not very confident of my choices online, I totally was! I am often very clear about what I like and never have regrets or doubts.

Though I could actually see the actual product only when I got home to my folks in India, thankfully, all of them turned out really great and I loved it. This is not a plug for any of the websites, but the idea is to help others find things easily if they are away from home, or prefer doing things online, like me to save time and effort.

I picked up two contemporary Georgette sarees from . They have a huge variety of sarees and you need a lot of patience to browse through their collections. I had about 4 months to decide since my brother's engagement to the wedding. I found that they drape really well and most importantly, are unique and one-of-a-kind! :) Here are the sarees I picked!
( P.S - The women in the pictures are not ME! ;))

 Saree for the Engagement - from the same website!

For the rest of the various events in the wedding, I wore my own wedding sarees, for the second time since the wedding! I love wearing sarees and feel it really suits me. However, as I live away from home, there aren't too many opportunities. I wore the traditional 9-yards for the muhurtham ( the important ceremony where the groom ties the mangalsutra on the bride!) which made so many of my folks really happy! :)

I don't like ornate decorations or elaborate embroidery on my blouses. But I love stuff that looks different from the usual styles and very well-fitting blouses. Most people wear the same-border blouses that come with the saree. Though I had the same ones, I decided to buy brocade-like materials for my wedding sarees. It turned out to be really expensive or too blingy for my liking! Finally, I bought materials used to stitch salwar kameez in Kumaran Silks in T.Nagar, who had exactly what I wanted, and at a reasonable price.

The salesman looked at me strangely when I said I am stitching blouses from these materials. Common sense tells me it can work, coz a blouse is just one-fourth of a kameez and it can work! It did!! I gave Amma a lot of grief over the tailor, but he really did a good job of all the blouses. Amma heaved a sigh of relief! :)

It was silk-cotton and let me breathe in the sweltering heat!!  As for my hair, its a different story altogether, the humidity made it a disaster and looked like cotton-candy!


I loved this style of the necklace (as seen above), its a gift from my brother for Rakshabandhan. Its my choice, but he paid for it! :)
I have a wide variety of jhimkis, thanks to Amma, my wedding and I can open a shop! Yet, I added another one to my collection - these are the kashmiri style jhimkis! :) Actually, it is a set of 3 - another longer jhimki hangs to this! I wore only two, as I thought all three together would look over-the-top! :)

If you like the jewellery I am wearing, I bought them from Chaahat Hyderabad - look for them on Facebook. I have bought quite a lot of stuff from them and the jewellery is really pretty, prompt delivery and their customer service is pretty good too. They ship worldwide.

I also bought these bangles from 

I won the second prize for this entry and I used that credit to buy a saree and these bangles. They also gave me a gift voucher for my birthday! ;)


I love mehendi or as they say in Tamizh, marudaani! :)  Apart from the fact that it looks beautiful on your hands, it cools down your body temperature. and boy! I am HOT! ;)
I got this done on the streets of T.Nagar, and I must say they did a great job. There are a group of boys and men from the North, who sit there on the road with umbrellas and you can sit there and get it done! :) They also come home and do it for a group of people. There weren't too many girls at home, people were directly coming to the wedding venue mostly. So I decided to get it done there - quick and easy.

Pretty, isn't it?

P.S - I am not being paid to write to this post by any of these vendors or websites. It is just my way of helping people looking for information or as a point of reference.


SR said...

Love your necklace.. very pretty...

Pretty Woman said...

thanks shrutha! :) He is on facebook if you are interested...

Vidya said...

I just love Indian outfits. I too was in India for my brother's wedding and had a phenomenal time at his wedding. Especially at the Muhurtham when I wore madisar. After all, I tie 2 of the 3 knots in the mangal sutra! :)

This post brought back memories! Thank you for that.

I couldn't see your face but I bet you were smashing. I love your sense of Indian style too! :)

Pretty Woman said...


:) I am glad you liked this post! Its really nice that everyone is included and feels important in our weddings...I wore my madisaar too! :)

For privacy reasons, I don't post my face on the blog :)

Nalini said...

I have been looking for sometime to order sarees/salwars online and could not find any reliable source. Thanks a ton for doing this post and letting us know. The necklace is very pretty , can you pls give me the online link for it?

Pretty Woman said...


:) I am glad it helps! The jeweller is from hyderabad and does not have a website but transacts via facebook. You can search for him with "Chaahat Hyderabad"

Lavanya said...

Thanks Janani! Useful info. Your choice of saris and jewelery are super:) Really liked the necklace.Can you share its product code?

Pretty Woman said...


I am glad it helped :)...The jeweller has a facebook page, you can browse thru his album and order...I don't remember the product code,

Pretty Woman said...
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Chickoo said...

I loved your jewellery, can you please tell where you got the multiline necklace? Is that also from Chaahat? It looks so elegant and beautiful! Loved your saree choices as well.

Pretty Woman said...


thank you! :) yes, they are from chaahat too!

jhon said...

really nice work thanks for the helpful post..!! the collection is really nice
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Pretty Woman said...


thank you! :) I am glad to know it helped...

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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