Monday, July 7, 2014

Old habits die hard!

...Blogging is an old habit and I want to ensure it remains live and kicking! After Baby Girl joyously came into our lives, everything and everyone else has taken a backseat, including the blog! I was pleasantly surprised to receive messages from friends and family that they miss reading my blog...So here I am, taking baby steps - making a "comeback of sorts" on the blog now that I have some time on my hands - some "me-time"!

How have I been? Busy....busy...romba busssyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Life has changed radically and I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Baby Girl. Of course, there are days when she drives me up the wall! Mostly, we are having fun, happy, joyous and totally content. Touch wood. I have become a very patient, saint-like mother, which is probably next to impossible - if you know me personally! BUT I am! :) I have heard Amma tell me very often, when you have your own daughter - you will understand! ...I do NOW!

I am discovering so many qualities about me that I had no idea I possessed...some good, some not-so-good...strength ( both physical and emotional), empathy, excellent time management, multitasking to paranoia, temperamental outbursts ( lack of sleep and tiredness!). 

In my humble opinion, the purity, innocence, simplicity and the unadulterated love and adulation you receive from a child/baby - is something every individual must experience, it is pure joy and more than anything else, makes you want to be a better person - a better version of who you already are - if that makes sense! Having said that, I strongly feel being a parent is for everyone! Its a huge responsibility and definitely requires you to be selfless, to always put someone else before you. It does not come easily.