Friday, October 27, 2006

In retrospect....Pune!

When we moved to Pune from Bangalore, i was very sceptical initially about how I would like the place. I panicked the first week, when we could'nt find a good place for rent. Its been less than 6 months since we moved here, and now, I LOVE PUNE!!

Its a lovely happy city and I have never been happier...we live in such a lovely big flat here surrounded by friendly people and picturesque views from the balcony. All my friends are surprised when they hear that I am in Pune, a small quiet town...well, it isnt...I dont miss anything here from have loads of malls, cosmopolitan not sure about the nightlife here coz i am not much of a party person anyways...Life is peaceful here. Some interesting observations:

1. NOBODY, I mean NOBODY stares or leers or teases you ( for me its a luxury!)
2. You cannot see anyone fighting or shouting or being rude to anyone on the busy roads
3. Smiling faces everywhere, whether its a grocery store or a vendor on the roads
4. Every festival is celebrated in grandeur and loads of spirit
5. If you know hindi, you can survive without learning marathi ( out of interest, I have learnt a teeny weeny bit!)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Very disturbing!

Last night, I saw a tamil movie titled "Vettai Aadu...Vilayadu!".Well made movie and quite classy like a hollywood movie...except that the story is all about nabbing two psychopath serial killers, who rape and bisect the bodies of women just for the thrill of killing people...Most of the scenes were very disturbing, gruesome details. There were small kids in the age group 8-10 , who had come along with their parents. I was wondering why parents would bring such young impressionable kids to such a gory and violent movie??!!! I cant even dream of exposing my kid( when I have them!) to such perversion and violence.

Its a fact that there are different kinds of extremists who exist in our daily lives....but the mere thought of young girls coming into contact with such perverts is a very scary thought. Was telling S that I am so scared to have a daughter after watching this movie...I want to refrain from watching such movies as it deeply impacts your optimistic frame of mind. ...It reminded me of some bad incidents I have experienced back in chennai, during my adolescent years and I am still very insecure and scared, thanks to such twisted minds. There is no point in encouraging girls to be brave, rather its more important to create such an environment where the young minds feel secure and confident.

I hope and pray that the generations to come,can thrive in a world where love, harmony and genuine people live happily in a secure and safe environment.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The euphoria of being your own boss! ;-)

I have met so many people who always dream of being their own boss, ahem...that includes me!! Its sheer bliss...To a large extent, this stems from the fact that you dont like being told what 2 do( mind you, I am not being arrogant here!)... There are times when you simply have to be polite and listen to utter nonsense, and there are others when he or she is being utterly foolish and his ideas seem to make no sense, and yet you are forced to do it.

I have always dreamed of having my own business, for one and only reason - I AM THE BOSS!! Despite the fact that its a huge responsibility, I would be thrilled to run my own business. Whether it runs on profit, is something to think about ;-) As of now, I have to be content with working for someone else, i guess!!

I have always wanted to have a boss whom I can look up to, learn from and someone who inspires you. My first boss is a fine example of an ideal manager till date. He was a young guy, had this "never-say-die" attitude and would motivate us to do better. We would hero-worship him, and also the fact that I was young and naive.....was very enthusiastic and wanted to improve! The best part of his style is that we would also have good fun, it wasnt just serious work....I think that's the whole funda of a good workplace.

Personally, I always feel that recognition is very important to keep you motivated....I am sure there are loads of poeple out there who agree with me. At the end of the day, your efforts need to be recognized... It keeps you going!!! Unfortunately, certain managers or anybody who handles a team, do not even acknowledge your efforts, forget recognition. People management is as critical and as sensitive as any intimate relationship. I have not managed a big team so far, so i dont really have an idea of how it is on the other side.... I am sure i will know some day!

Right now, just got a huge recognition from my boss for an assignment well done....and yup! It feels great!!! :-)