Monday, July 9, 2012

"Let there be light and cheer..."

We are evolving constantly with time, and this is reflected in our homes as well. I love bold vibrant colours,unique eclectic elements infused into our homes - after all, your home is a reflection of your personality, of who you are...

My passion for home decor began a long time back, and the opportunity to experiment and try new things began when we set up our own home in Pune, India! Unfortunately, I did not blog or take pictures of our home when we were in Bangalore.

I update the accessories and decor at home as much as I update my wardrobe, which evidently is pretty often! :P 

When we moved to our Paris home, I began the change with this and this! Over the last four years or so, we have gone through many subtle changes - here, here, here, here and here

This couch has been with us for many years and we have used it a lot since we moved to Paris, so its worn out and though it looks good and is in good condition, it began to sink really low and we had back pains we decided to buy a new one and get rid of this! I never thought we would be so attached to a piece of furniture, but every little thing at home has some memories attached to it.

Isn't life all about looking forward, happiness and creating new memories?  So we moved on with optimism and this time green is our "new black" of sorts! Sunlight, warmth and sunshine is such a rarity in Paris. So I wanted to infuse a lot of light and colour in our home - so I chose green and purple as our colour scheme this time for the living room ( you will notice that we are leaning towards green slowly)! :)

We veered towards a textured olive green-lime green upholstery and moved away from the traditional black or pastel colours that are often chosen!

I love purple and wanted an element of it in the living room - hence the bonus futon! This upholstery would have been too overwhelming for the couch, but adds a pop of colour in small elements to the subtle green!

Both my MIL and Amma have some lovely wood carvings in their homes and I have always loved it! So when I saw this mural on a home decor website here, that too at a bargain, I literally jumped on it! It looks absolutely gorgeous and is an absolute keeper, will remain a constant in our home - wherever we go!

Over a period of time, I have slowly collected and co-ordinated the accessories around the "green" theme, including the mural, taishi, cushions( but, of course!) and the patch work embroidery!

I can't wait for my folks and S's folks to visit us again and enjoy, appreciate and share our lovely home! I have been so excited about every little detail....and S can finally heave a sigh of relief now! :P

Colour pyschology in home design suggests that the colour green fosters peace, calm and a feeling of warmth and security in your home. Green is not only the "in" colour right now, it also leaves us with a feeling of contentment and totally relaxed. Cozy, for sure! :)