Monday, April 8, 2013

Returning to our Home!

When we decided to return to India, that too, to our own home in Pune....there were constant plans running in my mind about what I want to do...when we get back! With baby girl around, the execution is much slower....but i did get to work! 
I got these gorgeous wall decals in Paris and stored it away to put it up when we get back to our own home....a sense of permanence prevails only in my own home, so I waited with bated breath for the "execution"....and it was definitely worth the wait!
its simply gorgeous and definitely makes my simple walls stand out in our master bedroom! 

They are an easy and effective way to renovate and of course, not too expensive compared to painting it all over again! 
The wall decals are a big plus for us coz Baby Girl loves to stare at all the patterns and I decided to add one more to the T.V. that we can distract her while she eats...

I have always wanted to add some greens and plants into the decor, but with Baby Girl around, its not a practical option right now coz everything goes into her mouth! So I chose this decal from and it was pretty easy! 
I had pretty specific things to do, on my mind - when we got I was online shopping for stuff and to be fair, it has all worked out much cheaper and is a great success too! One of them are these storage cabinets with a vintage look and ceramic drawers - they are super cute and very kitschy!
I have stored all my pretty fragrances and put it up in the living room alcove and it has turned the otherwise ignored corner into a lovely turn! :-) I bought three of them at a very reasonable price on ( this is NOT a sponsored post! - just sharing the website for fellow readers if it helps!)

We have lots of things to store away, but alas there is no storage - i bought this lovely chest of drawers that proudly displays all our memories and memoirs! All our mundane stuff is neatly concealed too - win-win? This is from too! 

I bought a table runner in bright colours and added all our pictures from our travels and my favorite Buddha! :-) Its a calm and peaceful alcove with happy memories and loved ones! :-)

Baby Girl, as you all know was born in Paris. S and I, wanted something that is a reminder of the city and something we could show her when she grows up. We do plan to take her there when she is older. So I was eyeing this piece on while in Paris, and got it shipped to India. 

It is like a window with a view of the Eiffel Tower, exactly where our apartment was - in close proximity and with a great view! It makes for an amazing theme in the living room! 
Boy, am I glad we bought this! Baby Girl stares at it and pulls at the window pane - yes it is an actual window pane without a window, of course!

Our guest room is filled with glass paintings and long stitch projects done by yours-truly over the years....

The one with the mama panda and baby panda is so apt and meaningful now that I am blessed with Baby Girl! :-) 

The murals in wood that I mentioned here are a prime focus in the living room! favorite purple pouf and the kitschy mirror! 

I have rearranged our terrace a little bit - here and there! 

...Our new decor is eclectic and kitschy now, Like? :-)