Monday, April 25, 2011

Printemps Fashion!

....After winter comes spring! Thankfully!....there is so much sunshine, cheer and flowers obviously means the colours need to come out in the open, cheerful flowers....and bright summery colours!

We went on a lovely weekend driving to the French Ardennes....driving through Reims, Givet, Charleville-Mezieres...and out came the very few dresses and flowery skirts that I own! :) I bought this skirt for a good bargain at a street market in Paris! :) Its a breezy material and just right for the summer....

* Tip: I am slimmer below the knees... :). If you would like to look slimmer or longer, it helps to wear an A-line or Pencil skirt just right below the creates a nice silhouette and for travel, flowy skirts are more convenient and easy to move about!
As I have mentioned here ( click to read that post) before, I am a little hesitant to wear dresses too often...but since I have bought them....I better wear them somewhere and it does suit me, I guess! :) I bought this halter neck dress for the lovely colour ( for a holiday to Spain in 2010) and bright flowers...I used to wear a top I have graduated to a shrug! :)

Coming to the shrug, I bought it in the recent sale in February in Paris! (Recently, I have made a resolution to become a practical shopper and not the impulsive buyer that I normally am! ) I love Crochet...but it is often expensive! So when I saw this, I literally pounced on it! ;) I am trying to add a flavour of femininity to my personality and I feel crochet is the way to go! :)

I am also a big fan of turquoise and my eyes are always attracted to the colour! I bought this turquoise pendant....which I have been dying to wear with the right clothes! Here it is! :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Take a look at my personalized furniture!

Back in 2010, I bought this in an effort to be more organized and blogged about it here .

I loved the bright and vibrant colors of the cloth drawers ...and recently, I had an urge to do
something with it! :) I thought I could "personalize" it, so I found a font that I liked on our very own Microsoft Word and did this!

I took large print outs of the font, and simply copied the style using a glass paint out liner.
I added a few trimmings like my different brooches to make it all girly and "pretty"!

Its all MINE! What??!! It has my name on it....Have a look! :D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Simply organized!

...I have a lot of costume jewellery and I am always looking for ways to save some space and organize my stuff, so I can find them when I want to...I saw this really simple video on youtube ( I didn't note down the link!) about how you can organize your earrings easily....

Often, if I don't get down to doing something immediately, I never get down to do it...and since it was really easy...I did! I wanted to share this with all of you....if it helps!

All you need is -

1. a thin stole or shawl that looks nice and bright!
2. a wooden hanger!

yup, that's it! - Hang the stole on the hanger....and start piercing your earrings on to it!...Voila!

Darn simple, isn't it? :)

Monday, April 4, 2011