Monday, June 23, 2008

Where do i stand?

The car driving is going on well and I have successfully driven to work for the past one week, though it requires deep concentration and I am soo much on edge that I am all stressed out and sweating! :-) But I am not giving up and continue to drive even when it was raining today and I was not too confident...

With S being away, I didnt really look forward to the weekend. Surprisingly, time flies when you are with friends...I went for a movie on Saturday with Vibs and her husband Bajrang, the movie was nothing to write home about...but was good fun meeting up with them. They came all the way to my place to pick me up and got dropped back as well as it was quite late in the night... On Sunday again, I met up with my friend A and over lunch, we decided on going for a movie yet again! Off we went to her place, informed her husband and went for the movie 'Aamir'. The movie is quite short by Bollywood standards, but an awesome movie. Everyone should see this 'must-see' flawless script! I simply loved the movie.No song-dance routine or any item number rubbish that draws your attention away from the main plot. So it was a well-spent weekend, but at the end of the day, I still missed not having S around me...

On the work front, a senior manager has kindly accepted to be my mentor. I was suprised that he judged me so well in just a matter of few minutes. I am working on being positive, calm and to overcome my emotions which will definitely help develop my professional demeanour and personally as well. Now that I have identified where I could improve myself, I am going to start working on it seriously...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I have been tagged back!

Onlineraga tagged me back! I think the essence of the tag is to encourage you to pick up a long-forgotten book and read! ...And it did push me to read this wonderful book. Its a collection of 'Selected Short Stories' by Rabindranath Tagore which is profound in some and downright funny elsewhere!

The rules of the tag:
  • Pick up the nearest book.
  • Open to page 123.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post the next three sentences.
  • Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.
" In the end, Ahir village also brought out a paper. They didn't mince their words. They hurled insults with such zeal and in such crude and vulgar language that the very letters on the page seemed to shreik before one's eyes."

Thanks Dhati, I had forgotten all about this book that I borrowed from my read!
I tag Ritu, Vibuti, Satyajit, Revathi and Cartoonist!

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Monsoons and a challenge!

The monsoons are here and I love the rains! Of course, I would be in bliss if i could sit at home, reading a nice book while sipping tea or watching a movie cuddling with S! However, there is something called work to be done in an office and I have decided to sacrifice that during the week...but weekends will be a different story!! :-)
...While I am very happy about the rains and the monsoons and the weather ensures that I get up with a smile on my face, it poses other practical problems like commuting to work on my bike can be very problematic and a drenched me! For some time, S has been grumbling, complaining, begging, threatening and every thing possible under the sun to make me drive! I can drive confidently if he is sitting along with me. But I am shit scared to take the car all by myself coz firstly, its a big car and secondly, i dont want to cause any damages to the car or anyone else on the road. But I cant afford to remain scared forever and refuse to drive the car. I know that! If I can ride a bike like a pro, the car will be easy too, with practice!

S is travelling to UK for 2-3 weeks and the car is at my disposal. So we have a deal, if I drive to work in the car in this period all by myself ( I dont have a choice!), I get diamonds. The materialistic side of me is overpowering and the lure of the diamonds are strong! I have accepted the challenge....I have a lot to gain, diamonds and I will dispel the fear in me....If i lose, big deal...HIS car is damaged... ;-) (just kidding!!)...I know i WILL do it...
I return home from work, enjoying the ride on my bike, smiling to myself as I can feel the cool breeze on my face, lovely mountains and beautiful clouds and think to myself how lucky I am to live in such a lovely locality, when I see a little girl sitting all cute wearing a stitched sari probably…and I want to tell her “Darling, You have a lot of time to be a woman when you MUST be fully dressed in sarees or any formal clothes…why don’t you enjoy your innocence and wear cute frocks or shorts and play with abandon…while you can!”…and I start reminiscing my childhood when I was carefree, spirited and innocent!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Quirks Tag!

Vibhuti has tagged me and for the love of God, I cant understand why anyone would be interested in reading about my Quirks!..ahem, anyway here I go…

  1. When I come back home from work, even if I am dog tired, the first thing I will do, even before I keep my bag down is to straighten the cushions or arrange the strewn newspapers. I am totally obsessed with my home and like it neat, clean and organized. Also, I can never get enough of cushion covers or artificial flowers…it’s almost like an OCD.
  2. I prefer chat / SMS /E-mail conversations to phone calls or direct person-to-person conversations. There is a certain thrill in the virtual world as you don’t what is to come…it is like anticipating for the unexpected, very similar to how Life is! Philosophical, eh?
  3. I don't trust men sporting a full beard ( not french beard, S has one! , I mean the full-faced beard!) and guys who wear kumkum! When I was in college, my professor said candidly that such men are not trustworthy and I blindly believed him! I still do...
  4. I just detest, absolutely detest seeing someone brush their teeth, neither do I let anyone see me brush…I find it extremely gross!!! Why, you ask?...Ahem you asked for my quirks?
  5. My hair has to be soft, silky and shiny everyday!!! On days, I don’t get the time to wash my hair, I imagine I look bad and am all fidgety and all I can think the whole time is that I should have washed my hair today as well, like I am feeling right now!!
  6. When I get some new clothes stitched from the tailor, even if I have like a dozen ( I always have!) to be stitched and even if it means numerous inconvenient trips to the tailor’s shop, I will ALWAYS give only one outfit at a time. I have this intuition that if I give him more than one, he will spoil it! I feel he will lose interest by the time he gets to the second one. Yeah!! Go figure…

    Now, its my turn to read other interesting blogs with interesting quirks!

    The Meme rules --
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