Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Lots of people tend to assume that with age comes it true??
Is it the ability to forgive someone's insensitivity as chilidish behaviour??...then I am not mature!
Is it the habit of going to "lecture mode" on all and sundry??...then I am not mature!
Is it the ability to take everything, both good and bad news in your stride? Nope! I cant do that either!
Is it the ability to forgive easily? Nope! I cant do that either

Personally, I think being mature has nothing to do with age! You could be quite old and still not be mature and vice versa. Its about being sensitive to other's feelings, opinions and ideas. It is about using your discretion on saying the right things at the right place at the right time. Its about empathy and respect for everyone irrespective of their gender, position or any such discrimination. Maturity is to respect every individual as an individual and to understand and respect their individuality - SIMPLE!

Monday, December 18, 2006

How much is too much??

Have you ever known anyone who is contented with everything and everyone in their lives? We always want more...out of everything and everyone. At every stage in life, I have wanted more or something different after achieving what i wanted. When i was a kid, like everyone else, all I wanted was to be all grown up and become an independant woman...and now its vice versa! :-) What to do, I am human! :-P

I have always thought myself to be a contented person, honestly speaking I am not! And most of the times, I want this and that, and that they say "I want to have the cake and eat it too". I cant imagine how some enlightened souls write off material comforts as an illusion that we mere mortals live in. When i look at lovely clothes, beautiful jewellery, a lovely house, some tasteful furniture, lovely curtains...the list goes on and on...I go berseck! I prefer being a mere mortal in that

Our mind or the heart, which ever is applicable, is insatiable and always wants it material things or from people in a relationship. S once told me that "To love someone is to love them as they are and as they are NOT". But are we able to do that? We want to change that person into someone we want them to be!

I am no feminist, and I strongly endorse the fact that certain things are meant to be done by men and some by women, due to physiological reasons but nothing else! But i cant simply stand comments like ( mostly from men!) that "Oh! How gossipy and bitchy women are!" Puuhlllleeeez...I know so many men who are extremely bitchy and forever wanting some juicy gossip. How an individual behaves is dependant on how s/he is reared, not on whether a man or woman...

Three cheers to individualism!!!! :-)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why do you want to know??...and smile... :)

This is my defence mechansim ( thanks to my mom!, that's how she handles people!)devised for nosy people when I dont want to answer their personal (read nosy) questions. I agree that people are different, but sadly some of them do not think twice before they ask something. For example, there was this new girl who joined recently at work, and the first question she asks me is "so...did you have an arranged/love marriage"...I answer that...and her next question is "When do you plan to have kids??!!"...I am like ..."what the hell !!??!!"....even my MIL thinks twice before she asks me that! Lots of people, sadly most of them are Indians, do not know when to stop and end up getting snubbed /ignored/ disliked for being so nosy and interfering. When I had just got married, I had one of satya's distant aunt visiting us. We were just moving in, so we were in the process of putting together all our stuff, arranging the bed and things like that....She gives us a lot of gyan about how we should position our bed, in which direction, so on and so forth...S and I were like....uh...excuse me??!! Infact I should plead GUILTY, coz the minute someone says they had a love marraige...the next question I ask, is "tell me your story!" !! I just cant help myself, I find it extremely romantic and exciting to hear love stories.. :D . But of course, I am sure I know that person well enough to ask that. There is this another aspect that lots of people are interested in knowing, is how much you earn? I have met so many people who come up with various methods to extract the information! We used to have a neighbour who would ask my brother "so how much do you earn pa? is it a 5 figure or 6 figure...just tell me that" Just something 'light' I wanted to share :-)

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Music - Quintessential element in my life!

There are no words to describe how important music has become.... am listening to a song by A.R.Rahman, from a surya starts like "munbe vaa en anbe vaa...." its listening to it over and a mantra!!! Brings back all pleasant memories to your mind. That man is a genius! Right from my teens, music is like my loyal companion who shares my happiness and my agony aunt when I am sad...or upset! If I have some good music for company, i am quite happy to be by food, no entertainment or anything...i can just carry on. Music has this ability to soothe frayed nerves...and lift your spirits! Especially when you listen to some slow romantic numbers, it brings a smile on your face! :-)

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Gappa Bas....(Shut Up)!!

If you know me personally, you would exactly say 'shut up' to me in whatever language you are familiar with!!! Coz i am someone who talks non-stop....absolutely endless conversations are generally associated with me! To keep quiet is to my world! :-)

S has been away on official trips and I am alone at home on weekends...I have so much time with me that i really cant figure out what to do with it! How long can i watch TV or read a book or clean the house?? But I have slowly started enjoying being alone....I dont believe in solitude or any sort of introspection, but i hate to admit that this time alone has done me a lot of good..I feel much calmer and surprisingly positive!

Even if i say so myself, I have evolved as a the sense that I can fairly judge people now, dont voice my opinion on all and sundry unnecessarily and I have begun to accept that life is full of ups and downs and its very important to enjoy both phases with the same intensity and have a sense of balance! Of basic nature cannot change but i can atleast learn to neutralize extreme emotions.
Cheers to me!!!!!!! :-) Narcissist you say??? I care a damn! A friend of mine told me that I appear as such as confident personality that it can be intimidating to a in any case, you think i am arrogant and why make an effort?? :D