Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Ganchu!

I took this picture in a Nature Resort that we stayed in Goa. A Cute Ganesha ( Hindu God) has been carved on a log of wood and was placed in our cottage. I simply loved it...if i could have 'borrowed' it, I would have...difficult coz its too big! So i had to console myself with the picture! :D

P.S - I am just kidding about the 'borrowing' part, of course i would'nt!!


Anonymous said...

Don't u ever try to steal, especially with Ganchu stuff.

Preeti Shenoy said...

How can you think of 'flicking' ?!!
Yes I did like the Ganesh a lot.

Pretty Woman said...

I am just kidding...was supposed to be a joke. I didn't mean it. ( looking around shame-faced)

jayaram said...

Nice 2 have 4 a collection. Never ever try 2 flick anything. If money can't buy, then just enjoy looking at it.

Pretty Woman said...

(going bonkers!) I WAS KIDDING!!!!!

SR said...

Wonderful peice of art.. !

Pretty Woman said...

He looks so cute, like a baby! na?

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