Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We were there!

A beautiful view of the valleys, again in Goa! I bet you want to sit on the armchair and relax, eh?


jayaram said...

Wish one could always relax. Then life has no meaning.

Nothing can b more wonderful than nature.

techpsyche said...

Good Catch Janani, first time seeing such a pic on goa, most of them are based on beaches or sunset or goan culture. But this one looks different, good one.

Pretty Woman said...

Hi Jayaram,
There is a saying in tamizh 'Amrithamum adigam aanal visham' which translates roughly into 'Even nectar if in excess, can be poisonous'. So I totally agree! Indeed, nature brings joy and life into an otherwise dull day!

Pretty Woman said...

hey techpsyche,
Yup, this trip was a birthday surprise from S! He planned everything and found this wildlife nature resort about 2 hrs away from Goa! We had the best of both worlds. We stayed there and enjoyed the valley views and drove down to the beaches one day! and of course, i shopped!!! ;)

SR said...

This is a great picture.. Which resort in Goa is it? Lovely.. place

Pretty Woman said...

yup shrutha, its a lovely place...the resort is called Wildernest Nature Resort! Beautiful views from the cottage!

SS said...

You made me check this resort out :) Am sure am going to plan a break to that place sometime soon

Pretty Woman said...

Hey SS,
You are a new visitor! welcome to my blog!! :-) Its a lovely resort and there are such beautiful sure you will enjoy it. If you have kids, there is nothing to entertain them though...they might get bored!

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